Cozumel Island (Mexico): a Caribbean paradise in the land of the Maya

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When in January 2017 we chose Mexico as the next destination of our trip to the world, I did not think we would have stopped so much.

Mexican land is dense with things to see, with a rich culture especially for its extraordinary folklore.

Parties from Cancun where we chose to spend 9 days , To spend 2 months at Isla Mujeres , then choose to rent a car for spin long and wide for 6,000 miles , we continue our A hiking trip to Mexico from the Ciapas Mountains to the crystal clear sea of ​​the Caribbean Sea.

We now choose to visit 2 other Caribbean islands: Cozumel and Holbox (of which I will speak on a separate page)

We take the ferry to Playa del Carmen and ferry with our car.

We arrive on April 16, 2017 on the island of Cozumel, in the Mayan language "swallow island" and a tropical paradise in the land of the Maya opened before our eyes.

Of course the first thought has flown to my sorellinnaaa Lilia who loves the sea and even cycling.
I thought here with her fellow Andrea can pedal infinitely

Did you want your little bicycle?
You have to pedal ....

Wherever we drove a wonderful green and blue show immersed in the waters of the Caribbean Sea appears before our eyes, Cozumel is the island is the largest in Mexico.

The ridiculous thing is this typical Caribbean umbrella that in theory should repair from the sun ..


We thought, "What makes this tropical paradise special, apart from the wonderful beaches and crystal clear sea?"

His own story! Testifying of a beauty known since the Maya

Great Maya !!

The right car to drive the island of Cozumel
This is for sure !! What do you say can go ??
Brummmmmmm you left

What a show!!
The splashes of natural water coming out of the rocks
With this heat a little cool

How many wonderful things our eyes have seen with the freedom we chose to have

For more than four months, we have been turning to Mexico and in every corner a different scenario

I love to travel

A natural shower to cool off the arbor

What a cool !!!

And under a sunshine ... we're looking a little cool

Ehi Miguel ... Siesta
Too many suns on this island
AAA looked shaded

Despite everything ... The sun makes fun !!

I love Cozumel Island

They ask, "When is the best time to enjoy the Caribbean Sea?"
All time!!

To find the atmosphere of the wild coast, the southern part of the island of Cozumel is ideal: a small natural paradise where turtles make the nest in the sand as we wait in relaxation that the eggs are opened

To celebrate our evenings here in Cozumel we dance and we always sing

We found a little place somewhere bad .. a bit of Tequila and joy never misses

That's not it we do a selfy with the Mexican dancers

Run. Run.

The island of Cozumel in one day runs smoothly, we did 1 night and the following morning we started out with ball enthusiasm for another Caribbean pearl waiting for us: Holbox.

See you then on the next page ..


Elisa & Luca