Adventure at Akwa Ibom

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Travelling is my hobby and has been so for quite a long time now. No wonder I opted for a degree in Geography... Field touring interests me the most about Geoscience discipline.
Yesterday, I toured Enugu and took some good pictures during my tour.
Reminiscing travel moments at Enugu
Today, Akwa Ibom, South south Nigeria is my focus.

First, I started my tour with rural Akwa Ibom in a place called Ikot Use at Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area.

My folks and I had a great time at the local riverside and swimming was the order. Although, I managed to swim as a novice...


We were been altruistic with our muscular prowess as Men and help lift our female colleague for a photo pose.

Crazy Gangsteric Feeling called for a shot. Lol...

At the city, we visited the Akwa Ibom International Stadium located at Uyo, the state capital.
We've longed to see the Stadium and luckily, we saw a live match there with no gate fee. Amazing! Right?
It was a friendly match between Akwa United of Akwa Ibom and Enyimba of Aba.


The match ended in a 1:1 draw
No chaos during the match.

After the match come more pictures.

Trust me Ladies are not the only photo lovers.
We all do... hahahaha

Hmm!!!...Thinking where my next tour could be....


Nigeria has sites that makes one happy,are you serving in akwa ibom and didn't see that of Enugu .

I served at Akwa Ibom
Schooling at Enugu

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