Reminiscing travel moments at Enugu

in #travel5 years ago

It's a travel time again...How much I love to tour around the world oops! Finances limits my planned trips. Hopefully, with time I will overcome it.
So I had pan-sharpen my camera for some striking amazing shots.

Enugu is located in South eastern Nigeria but the state has some amazing distinct Geography and relief compared to all other states with Southeast Nigeria.
Great mountainous landscape with striking awesome view from the peak of the mountain. I had intentions to stand at the Mountain peak and take some shots unfortunately, the trip was undertaken behind me.


University of Nigeria, Enugu campus was built in the 1960s with so many archaic buildings and projects. This building is apparently the most superb amongst the rest I saw.


Did I just took this panchromatic view of the cloud. I am a cloud lover. "Cryogenic" being you might say....Yeah maybe


Again...Another view of cloud I took at Enugu
And again...Cloud photo


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Thank you
I have downloaded the new version now.

Awesome! travel to Calabar next time! 😉

Yeah, I have visited Calabar
Will make a post on it
Meanwhile, I posted on my visit to Akwa Ibom

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