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RE: YourMateTravels#21 - Pattaya - A Night Out

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Sollte man.vom Text her vielleicht doch gleich mal mit NSFW kennzeichnen...
Du möchtest ja Erfahrungen sammeln, doch irgendwie liest sich das Ganze doch wie der unrichtige Ort.

If I had time and money and needed a distance from my projects for a while, I would attend another language course somewhere abroad, or would take music classes in Ireland , would work as a practitioner or try myself in a theatre piece, or would join a yoga group...


Erfahrungen sammle ich - hier eine der weniger positiven Natur beschrieben.

Ok, that sounds pretty cool. Seems like you have figured life out for yourself; that's what a mid-twen is doing just now.

Keep in mind, that you read about 6 hours of a single day. Wouldn't be too funny reading about me sitting in the hostel working/reading on my laptop for hours, right?

Just be confident everything goes its way ;)