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RE: YourMatesWorld#6 Time To Say Goodbye to Bali

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Hello Yourmate, it is absolutely thrilling to read your travel reports and to regard your snapshots. I should like to learn more about your relationships. Is it easy to make friends in Bali? Meeting people from all over the world, did you get any inspirations to travel to another region of the world? Or would you like to make Bali your new home, if possible? Do you like the vegetation there? What do you think about European lifestyle, from your distance? Do you like Balinese music? Good luck to you! :)


thank you for the compliment :)
oh damn, I just read that now. you're surely gonna grasp some of that in the upcoming post.
I'll try to get back to that in some of the following posts as well.

keep on reading :)

all the best,