Arriving in Bandarban, Bangladesh

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I will do a few throwbacks to my time in the Bandarban region in Bangladesh last year! You can find my entire trip on my Haveyoubeenhere profile! 😄


The Bandarban region is for my favorite part of Bangladesh so far. It's notoriously hard to get in (you need to apply for special permits), if you wander deeper into the hill tracts it can be dangerous (kidnappings, malaria, etc.). But oh my is it worth it. These were some shots I took when I just arrived, the soldier kept me at a checkpoint for three hours as I didn't have a permit, eventually we got everything sorted luckily. Once I got past the checkpoint, the sun was setting. It still feels like something out of a dream looking back at it.

My rating: 9/10

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Looking forward to all of this
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Yeah, feels great to look back at these!

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