Charco Prieto Water Falls in Puerto Rico, January 1st 2019

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We had an amazing time today.

Last night at a New Year's Eve party we met someone who invited us to join a Puerto Rico Hiking club outing. They said to meet at a super market parking lot at noon for a hiking trip to a pool and water fall. We sold the kids on it and had an adventure!

It was an amazing way to spend the first day of 2019.

Here's my beautiful wife @corinnestokes and the water fall we hiked a mile to get to:


It took us forever to find the place because Google maps just kept taking us in 15 minute circles around it, while leading us to dead-end roads. We talked to a local who helped a bit and one of the hikers found a map pin he saved from a previous trip.


Some parts of the trail were really tiny so it felt like climbing through the deep jungle.



You can see from this shot how slippery and muddy some of the rocks were:


For the more difficult parts, I had to carry our youngest (she's five). Corinne did some carrying too, which you can see here:


The kids had a great time, even though the hike was a bit difficult.


They enjoyed swimming as well, though the water was pretty cold.


I put together a video of all the pictures I took along with some commentary to keep this memory for us as a family.

I hope you had a fantastic New Years day as well.

We're still getting settled here in Puerto Rico, but fun trips like this make it start to feel like home.


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I just got back home from the long weekend there with the family and it was quite intense! Amazing that 20 years went by and I never been to that place but if you enjoyed that, you will surely enjoy El Yunque rainforest! It has a number of similar hiking trails and waterfalls. Happy New Year!

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Yeah, I've heard a lot of great things about El Yunque. I'm really looking forward to checking it out. I hope it won't be too difficult for the kids though.

Happy New Year!

There is a little of everything there... Short and easy 2-3 km routes but some are more longer and difficult. The one I recall with a great waterfall was about 4km. Enjoy!

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Hermosos paisajes!

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Looks like an excellent excursion! The only significant waterfall hikes I have had in the past decade were in the Columbia River Gorge.

What a coincidence that this person told you about the hike. I’m glad to see that you went with it, because it looks like a lot of fun and a great way to start the year.

Happy new year !

Looks amazing I seriously need to find some good trails here for the new year

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It looks like a lot of fun 👊😊👍

Wow.. The waterfall looks amazing !! Happy New Year to you and the Family!


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Looks like fun... thanks for sharing!