📸 My Favourite Place In The World - Birthday @ Gap Of Dunloe, 🇮🇪 Ireland ☘️

in travel •  9 months ago

I spent my 30th Birthday here with my Friends and my 💗Family.

It's situated near the famous Irish Drive - Ring Of Kerry - 5 minutes off the course, called "Gap of Dunloe. I just love this place.

I invite you to enjoy the flashbacks of my Birthday with me: (I suggest zooming in and enjoying scrolling full screen photos)


https://www.google.ie/maps/@52.0203791,-9.6389382,2385m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en (Location)

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 22.53.08.png



IMG_6449 copy.jpg












Me Happy:IMG_6720.JPG






If you ever plan on visiting Ireland - send me a message :) I can pinpoint some great places on the map for you.

Hope I was able to deliver you the feel of the place. Thank you for viewing :)


Thank you for being a part of this amazing community!

I appreciate your support of me and my Family through Steemit!

Much Love,




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it's so good and useful! Such a journey is very necessary.


Indeed - it's important to spend quality time, both for you and your family.. loved the time there :)

What a nice landscape!

nice post........


Thank you kindly :)


I can think of fewer places I'd rather spend a birthday, that looks lovely.

Happy burthday by the way!


Thank you :D

Great photos and happy belated birthday ! ,Also I invite you to join Travel/Adventure video blog contest if you are interested


Thank you! I have followed you and will check out the contests in the future - thank you for the invite, much appreciated!

Oh my goodness, these photos are absolutely beautiful! I love the one from above the water with the neat ripple effect. And the mountains and horses and well.. just all of them! One day I will visit Ireland!!


Thank you - I love the one with the ripples too!

Come visit - I am more than glad to give you recommendations to where to visit :)


This is my parents homeland, love this place. Great photos chief, upvoted and resteemed.


Nice one - thank you! :)
Lovely part of the country, that's for sure!

Amazing! So gorgeous


Thanks - Ireland is beautiful :)

i appreciate your work friend!

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You have summed up Ireland perfectly. A few years ago i was working along side an Irish guy and i was going to Dublin for my birthday, when i told him about going to Dublin he laughed and gave me a list of 5 places i need to check out other than Dublin. Your pictures were spot on with what he said including the horse and cart! You did however miss out the pub!

looking foward to more of your posts. I have upvoted and shared with my networks.


And happy birthday.


I can relate to that so much - I often get asked for what to do and what to see when in Ireland and most people just assume I will recommend them something in Dublin. Ireland is full of beauty and most places are actually quite close to Dublin too!


Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me.
Best Of luck


Thank you - I appreciate that. You have also got yourself a follow too - I like your content!


its a beautiful place ... #heaven on earth ...glad you enjoyed : )


Thank you - I really loved the experience :) Was so chilled out after :)

That looks stunning!


It is indeed a stunning place - jus love it! :)

Beautiful pics. One of my favorite places in the world. Resteemed!


Thank you - LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! <3 And You! :D

cool scenery, thanks for sharing the original and mythical Ireland, @livinadream. Only visited Dublin for a city break, now I wish to hit the road :)


I am glad I could deliver :)
Dublin is nice.. but the countryside is where Ireland's at! :)

very nice place :)
and btw happy birthday

nice post.beautiful place.


Thank you - yes, it's beautiful :)

Nice pictures!


Thank you kindly :)

good job!!!!


Thank you :)

Beautiful pictures!


Thank you kindly :)

really pretty area like to go one day.


Ohh it's lovely - do come along, if you need any travelling tips - always happy to help out :)

One of my favorite place also! Enjoy your trip


Thanks :)

дуже гарно


Sposibo! :D

Absolutely beautiful. Looks like an amazing birthday!


Thank you - yes, it was! :)

Fortunately I know that Ireland is no less stunning than New Zealand (even a bit less daunting for the likes of myself) but sadly I speak only from word of mouth. It was a gread idea to link to Google maps, and I spent some time scrolling down the Gap of Dunloe myself. I too, came across a horse and cart (does it ever not trot up and down that road?) and an affable party of walkers even waved at me (in my Google car).


Good ol' google car trip down the random road of the world :D Love it :D

very nice post and the nature is very wonderful


Thank you! Nature is where I'm mostly happy :)

Wow..the landscape is soo beautifull. Happy birhsday to You! I would like to go there too)


Thank you kindly :)

nice work

beautiful photos


Thank you :)

How beautiful! loved your travel entry and your photos, keep it up!


Thanking you kindly :)

nice photography.......... and I am waiting for your next post

Wonderful..like ma country, Indonesia..


I'm sure it is.. I'm yet to visit that corner of the world.. :)

Wow ... very beautiful photo, you must be a professional photographer, I am also a hobby of potography, I live in Aceh, Indonesia, this area was once a tsunami disaster, here too many beautiful scenery places, if you visit here you may contact me


Thanks, appreciate it. I'm a part-time-proffessional part-time-hobbyist myself tbh!
And thank you - if I ever do - or I should say when I do - I will! :)

Great post. I spent 6 years living and working in Ireland. I absolutely loved it. Amazing scenery.


Lovely! Where were you staying? What was your favourite thing in Ireland and why did you move back/away?

ohh god beautiful i really like it.. help me i am new..



Wow such a beautiful place!


Ireland is spectacular!

Looked like a great birthday!! I've always wanted to travel here... It is on my bucket list now for sure!!

Nice 😊
Hi brother please follow back and vote me plz!!!
Thank u

Such great photos. Ireland is on my list. I have heard so much about the beauty of the country. I love to travel. Check out some of my photos and articles on my steemit site - https://steemit.com/@liquidtravel

You look very relaxed & happy , well done !

Upvoted and re-steemed


Thank you very much - you are a gentleman! :)

So nice, I love this part of Ireland!