A Thai hitman kills a rich British expat and his Thai wife for 50,000 baht

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At a court hearing in Phrae, the court was told that a Thai brother had paid a man 50,000 baht to help a man assassinate his own sister and husband, a wealthy Scottish businessman, last year.

It was reported last year that the 63-year-old warut Ratanasajjakit, the money and estate of his 61-year-old sister Nott Suddaen, and her husband Alan Hogg, also in their sixties and originally from Scotland, got their hands on him wanted.

Warut turned with 100,000 baht to the 60-year-old neighbor Sima Utphamoon to commit the murder of his sister and her husband. Although Warut wanted his sister and husband to be murdered, but he did not want to do it himself and not get their hands dirty themselves, reported numerous media on Friday in Thai.

However, the 60-year-old neighbor Sima already demanded 50,000 baht alone (plus 2,000 baht travel expenses) to acquaint him with two accomplices who were to carry out the murder. The two accomplices are the 63-year-old Pia Khamsai or Seuathong and the 24-year-old Kittipong Khamwan or "Ai Yai," the court stated.

During the trial, the court found that his sister's Scottish businessman and husband, Mr. Alan Hogg, was shot with a shotgun.

While 24-year-old Kittipong was holding his sister Nott, her own brother hit her on the head with a wrench in a garage until his sister was dead.

All three then helped to hide the bodies from a duck pond in a dug pit.

The couple lived on a large and sprawling ranch-style property in Phrae, Thailand's northern province.
Double murder of a British expat and his wife for 50,000 baht

Double murder of a British expat and his wife for 50,000 baht

Following the murder of his sister and husband, the killer then took the newly-acquired white Ford Ranger of the couple and sold it on the black market. When the buyer found out after the murder and theft that the Ford Ranger was part of a homicide investigation, he returned it to the police.

According to the media, the stolen vehicle was just one of many pieces of evidence that exposed the conspiracy and the two murders. Already in September of last year, the Thai media reported that Warut had long been involved in a long feud over money with Mr Hogg and his wife.

The couple had lived together in Australia for some time before settling in Phrae, Notts hometown. Here, the two had bought a large estate and built a large spacious villa for their retirement.

Elizabeth Gray - presumably the daughter of Mr Hogg - and two other relatives from Britain had personally appeared in court to hear the court's hearing and subsequent ruling.

According to the Thai media, Mr. Hogg's daughter is said to have received 644,255 baht in funeral and travel expenses.

Warut, Pia and Kittipong were sentenced to death by the court in Phrae. For his help in the investigation, Sima was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

As the press further reports, the family of the murdered should be satisfied with the verdict of the court.

Chief Justice Sunet Satha said this was a high-profile case involving a foreigner. Therefore, the heavy penalties imposed by the General Court are well justified.

Sources: Thai Visa, Thailand Tip

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