My trip to Italy!

in travel •  last year

So as you all know i was in italy for 11 days and kind of promised to do a post everyday but i had so bad internet so couldn't follow thru my promise :S
So im doing this post now that im back in Finland :)

We drove about 1300km in 7 days that we had the car and it was truly an amazing experience :)

First 2 days in Venice

Third day Rimini where it rained hail and was a thunderstorm all night

Fourth day we drove thru san marino to Assisi to a winery where we got to taste their wine selection

Fifth day we drove to the village of Geate along the sea

6-7 day 50km drive along the mountainroad to castellamare de stabia

8 day we laid all day on a beach in salerno

9-11 in rome :)

Starting to climb the mountains near San marino


This is taken from our hotelroom in Rimini :)


Photo from our balcony in Gaeta :)


Some castle in Gaeta.


Beautiful sky in Gaeta


From our appartment in Castellamare de Stabia. Really an amazing place in the mountains.


Some photos from the mountainroad :)





The mighty colosseum :P




Fontana de Trevi :) Didn't really get a good picture tho because of all the people surrounding it and military men.


And of course the vatican square :)


The popes balcony in the middle :D


Hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

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Looks nice! These pictures brought back some memories.. I have never been there but I have played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood quite a lot and it looks exactly the same! It feels like I know the place ! :D

Maybe a little more info about your trip wouldn't hurt anyone ;) At least I would like to read more about it ! :)


Yeah sorry im not really a good storyteller :S
Don't know what to wright :P


Haha it's ok :) You could tell little about what you did and what you enjoyed the most and was there something that you didn't like etc. :)

Coool man, awesome you got to see the colosseum. Nice pictures :) glad you had fun!

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