Trekking Nepal (Part 6): Blessings, Curses and Staircases

in #travellast year

Our goal for the day was to complete the last leg of our Jeep travel and make it to Manang

Though as we woke up with the hopes of getting on the road early, we found that sometimes the gods have other plans. We quickly found out that it was Kanya Sakranti and all of the jeep drivers were spending the morning blessing their vehicles and paying homage to Vishwakarma - The god of Machine and Tools. From what I gathered over my trip, this blessing seemed to replace the practice of regular preventative maintenance.
2018_09 - Nepal-232.jpg

After several hours of standing around doing sweet FA we were on on the move in our freshly blessed wheels! It didn't take long though to find that Vishwakarma was a vengeful god as our mighty Mahindra limped to a halt with a horrible grinding sound.

After a brief period of trying to help replace our shattered wheel bearing using a small collection of broken and wrong sized spanners, we set out on foot in search of lunch and the Mahindra maintenance crew went off in search of tools to borrow.
2018_09 - Nepal-234.jpg

Despite all the setbacks our motley crew rolled into Manang late in the evening and after a few icy beers and a mountain of Dahl Bhat I staggered up this rickety staircase and collapsed into bed.

2018_09 - Nepal-263.jpg

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