The Best Beach in Tobago!

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Store Bay

For anyone who visits the island paradise of Tobago, the first thing you must visit is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Store Bay! It's Literally walking distance from the airport and all the main hotels are in the vicinity. I guess that's one of the perks of being on a relatively small island. This beach is like the gateway drug to the rest of Tobago, like an appetizer before the main course to get you hungry for more. The waters are serene and you feel like you're in a tourism ad as the colours scream tropical relaxation.


When you enter the beach you are immediately taken aback by how calm the waters are. This is not a rough water beach so do not expect the action of surfing or body boarding! There are beaches for that,the likes of which we have blogged about before here. Its almost like a pool, the waters are so clear and tranquil you can actually see the docile fishes as you take a dip! The only thing that affects us really in a somewhat negative manner, is the level of saltiness of the water. Its not that much of a big deal but be prepared for red eyes!

If you look closely, on the buttom left you can see two fishes!

There are a lot of cools things going on here such as the Buccoo reef tours that can only be accessed from this beach. You can essentially pay to go on the glass bottomed boat tour of the reef. It is an absolute must as it takes you to one of the few "Nylon Pools" in the world as well as other essential bucket list waypoints along the way. You also get to go scuba diving, the gear provided to you by the boats. Getting to see the reef through the glass bottomed boats is one thing but being able to swim IN it is another! It is like another world, the fishes are gorgeously coloured and corals are abundant and lively!

A View of the line to get in one of the tour boats

Its so easy to see why Store Bay is one of our favorite beaches! The warm sands, tranquil waters and beautiful scenery makes you want to stay in Tobago and never go back to your boring busy life! By the pictures alone, you can see how much of a paradise it is! Tobago's waters, by the way, are all like this, most of the beaches anyway. We've toured the island a few times and the waters around the while island are mostly turquoise blue and its amazing.

During this quarantine period, I do hope these pictures help with that dull monotonous feeling that we all are going through right now. I know it helped me a lot by just writing this. Stay safe out there guys! Maintain that social distancing and reduce unnecessary outings. Thanks for reading, Cheers!



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