Authentic Beijing duck (photo from Beijing)

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Hey my dear steemit friends,

It's weekend again! I was in Beijing a while back and had some really awesome food there and I would love to share you!



This is how the whole duck looks like!



This is how it looks like after cutting.



You are supposed to wrap the roasted duck in thin pancake with veggies like cucumber. Ate too fast and forgot to take a picture lol. Following is what I find from web:

吃太快忘记拍照了。。。 网上找了张效果图

Image Credit

We also tried some appetizers! Spicy beef tripe.

这个忘记名字了,英文是yy的 :D


Sweet potato in "Majiang" Style. Sooooo cute!



Spicy and tasty cabbage.




If you only tried Beijing duck in US or western countries, I would highly recommend you visit Beijing and try the authentic ones. They are totally different!! Much more juicy while crispy!

I am considering to write a post with some New York Michelin Star restaurants. Let me know if you are interested :-)

Thank you for reading. Your comment, upvote, and resteem are my biggest motivation to post :-)

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I'm pretty new to Steemit, so I'm exploring right now. I aspire to a digital nomad lifestyle, I really enjoy Asian food, I really enjoyed cooking a duck for the first time last year, and I'd really appreciate the voting boost!


thanks and good luck in steemit!

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looks great i wish i could have


These pictures take me back to the 5 happy years I spent living in China! I love the sweet potato majiang - i've never seen that in a Chinese restaurant before.
I remember that in the little shop I would go to to buy roast duck they would give you absolutely every last bit of the animal, bones and all should you wish to use it for stock. Something that we could learn from the Chinese over here in the West is to be more adverse to wasting food as it is a big problem in the UK.
This looks like quite an upmarket restaurant. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend finding some of street restaurants in the hutongs. Meals of 烤羊肉 - the whole leg of lamb roasted over a bed of coals at the same table you sit at and 烤鱼 - the whole roast fish served in a single dish piled high with vegetables are probably some of the most memorable in my whole time in China. Those kind of restaurants are especially nice in the evening once the weather gets a bit warmer as you can enjoy your food outside while watching the world go by.
I'm going to have to get some food as looking and your pictures and reminiscing has made me very hungry!

haha thanks for your comment! yeah 烤羊肉 and 烤鱼 are both awesome!!

your chinglish is very diao!


I love reading about your experiences in Beijing! I studied Mandarin at my university, and I'm trying to keep up with it. Reading your post in English and Mandarin is a big opportunity for me to stay on top of my practice. All the best from the US :)

thanks :-)

I am a bit free style when I wrote it in Chinese tho, so would like to warm you it's not necessary one to one mapping...

Well I certainly appreciate the warning. That's probably a better challenge for me anyway. Any free time to help me converse in Mandarin?

你有空闲时间来帮我在普通话上交谈吗?Let me know if this is at all legible..

Peking duck is a very delicious dish. Welcome foreign friends to taste.
Chinese food is rich and varied. After you eat Beijing Roast Duck, do you want to taste Huangshan stewed pigeons?201612301822195400.jpg
Huangshan stewed pigeons are stewed from Huangshan's unique vegetable pigeons and Huangshan's unique yams through special stewing methods. They are fresh and refreshing, have a light stomach, and have high nutritional value. It nourishes the body and is easy to digest. It is suitable for both elderly and young people. It has brain-boosting effect and enhances brain memory.

Nice post i must say!
I guess i'll add Beijing to my list of places i'd love to visit. I'll also love to have a taste of the awesome food you ate during your stay in Beijing as everything in this post looks amazing.
Also, I'm interested in your next post with some New York Michelin Star restaurants. Let me know when it is ready to be published

I had a business travel to Beijing and Shanghai Last summer. It was my first travel to China and I was so worry about foods. My friend, who has not any travel to China asked me that I MUST try duck. I was guest of a prestigious company and I had delicious foods day and night. Unforgettable lunch was in a restaurant in heart of Beijing, that is most famous for duck. I am interested to know name of this restaurant but ...

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I dont like duck at all. Looking at these pictures , I thought there is a second thought to it. Would you recommend me trying it ?

omg that sweet potato looks awesome, i didn't know realise it was food at first

Ducks are supposed to be healthy and hygienic in comparison to other meats

Damn, this looks really good!

absolutely fantastic

wow soo much healthy stuff :)

我每次去北京都一定吃烤鸭的! 现在看着都流口水了🤤

It looks delicious

Uh, i just got reaal hungry. looks very yummy!

me too hhhhhhhhhh

I'm starting to follow you ... and the duck looks delicious. You like living this life and eating. Do not forget to visit my place my friend...

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Nice post.
Its look good and crispy

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This post interested me.steemit all good man help me upvote & share.

When I went to China, I ate Beijing duck and it was good. My health blog also has a lot of good information. thank you for share yours

yummmm wow you have shared so delicious food such a beautiful photography really nice. Your post also so interested for everyone.

your post is very good.
you do not know me yet. I am a newcomer to steemit. but I know a lot about you.
you are a great person.
i need support from you. thank you

a very good post

thanks for making me hungry...
peace love and happiness

Thank you for the picture! The 北京烤鸭 looks really really good! Thank you for sharing!


your all photography really nice.. ur post also interested me..
That looks extra crispy

Duck meat are a little harder than chicken

Yummy!!! 😘😘😘

wow the mahjong potatoes looks interesting. how's the taste

Yes, i'm hungry, man. :)
LG HHarald

Naaaay. 😭😭😭 it makes me hungry. Again. 😭

Looks really tasty! good post you i liked your post very much...welcome for the post and keep it up....

One of my must try foods in China would be duck, every time The Food Ranger goes to China I get jealous when he tries their roast duck. Man this looks good, honestly everything in this post looks amazing. Nice post!

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I love duck meat. It has a lot of nutritional values and is not usually stored in tight cages:-)

All of those food made me melted. I want to try the taste someday when I go to Beijing!

That's great

That food looks so elegant, it does not cause to eat it so as not to damage it

This looks really tasty and good, omg. Great post!

Disfruto de la comida asiática, rica y saludable, pero no me aventuro a comer mas que pollo y carne de res, pero reconozco su sabor, color y textura particular que resalta el sabor haciendo de la comida una aventura y un placer. Nunca dejo de visitar el barrio chino cuando conozco un nuevo destino. recomiendo el barrio Chino de Lima, Perú.

Well have not really a whole one ;)

But it sure looks delicious ;)

looks crispy

Chinese food looks always great and duck is one of my favorite dishes when I eat in a chinese restaurant, but you are right, it is probably a far cry from the original in China and it is on my bucket list ;o).

wow its super i really love that it is fond of me i like that

I never saw cabbage that looks as delicious as that.

Plus, I never ate beijing duck... Whenever I go to a Chinese Restaurant I can't resist asking for chicken with almonds instead.

Great food photography... Foods are looking yummy...I wanna taste these foods.. I like it..
Thanks for share....😊😊😊

Excellent photographs, the food is the maximum and the new flavors are exquisite to the palate .. I follow you.
I would love to have your support and vote in my publications, if you like ... Thank you.

wow it s delicious , keep sharing #reestem

hola, se ve rico . aquí en mi país se come poco el pato, su piel es muy dura sera por eso , claro me imagino que la técnica que usan allí es especial .soy principiante en steemit, pero me gusta interactuar y dar mi opinión.

看起來很好吃 還沒吃過正宗的北京烤鴨

Thank you for sharing.. i will visit beijing nextweek .. i hope i will enjoy beijing and beijing duck.. Godbless you..

There are many foods. Every people has a taste for food

ducks are really healthy if they are wild, hope you will start flying or swimming after having duck ;)

have a great meal :)

This looks delicious.

Asian food is so good, are the sweet potatoes spicy or just regular sweet potato?

Oh my goodness, duck looks amazing @leftbank. I have to try this one day.. The east is calling me..

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

I was hungry to see the food picture.
nice food, great picture.

That's some cool food!

I really want to try)

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That all looks delicious! And the majiang potatoes are absolutely adorable--I've never seen them done like that before. I visited China a few years back, and I have to admit I miss the food terribly. Chinese food that you can get in restaurants in America is so different from the actual thing.

It seems food can featuring the evocative tastes of me, and I began to be hungry. Hopefully we can eat these foods together :) @leftbank

look so delicious

the food is delicious......!!

So Good! ;)

I wish, I would try it in Karachi some day :)


delicious food.

I have also tried this, and can confirm it is excellent

好久没吃烤鸭了 馋😋

Seems delicious! I haven’t tried eating duck, but I’ll someday

Beijing a city that I used to watch in Chines movies (once upon a time in china). Would love to see it for the first time in my life if I got money.

Test the food. I see whether I eat the chinies food with chopsticks

Just followed you :)

I made a recent post asking for tips for Beijing. I am going on June. So it would be cool to hear more from you on what else you enjoyed :)

Awesome pics. It looks really delicious and surely tastes the same!

Be fascinated with these dishes, they really look very succulent, I congratulate you because you drafted your post in a spectacular way and the images are incredible, Beijing is a fantastic place and I hope some day to visit, thanks for the contribution you give to new Members as is my case, greetings from Venezuela!!!

I've tried eating a peking duck once in hongkong, are those one and the same? haha. It was tasty but the skin I had a bit of trouble eating. lol. Those looks very delicious! Nice pictures as well :)

great cuisine . i wanted to recommend you 1 place. Its arunachal pradesh, India. Its a unique place with diverse culture , and different traditions. views are extra ordinary foods are variety (non veg dominates) . And you will get to see differen tribes. One of them
Tribe apatani

an interesting recipe, I'll try, thanks Please help this new steemian build his community - New Content rpg warhammer fantasy!

That duck looks amazing! I would love to visit Beijing and have meal like that.

Nice food, thank you

Oh.. the pictures made me super hungry! I definitely will try this Beijing duck

Wow nice duck food

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