Universal Studios Orlando Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

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I am a huge proponent of self-care. That being said, I am terrible at taking time for myself. This past week I decided that a mom vacation, a "momcation," if you will, was in order. My lovely husband readily agreed to take a daddy-daughter day to make it happen (thanks @jerrybanfield!). The plan: a whole day of holiday fun with my best friend at Universal Studios Orlando. It is about an hour and half to two hour drive to Orlando and I knew I would be exhausted at the end of the day, so I took my plan up a notch and decided to spend the night in a hotel by myself! Cabana Bay Beach Resort is one of the on-property hotels at Universal, meaning that it is right next to the theme parks and offers shuttles from the hotel to the parks. At a great Florida resident's rate of $99, it was the perfect fit for my adventure.

It has a very vintage vibe about it and was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Old commercials play on loop in the food court seating area and vintage cars are parked out front.

It was freezing (by Florida standards) during my stay, which was nice for my trip to the theme parks, but the 40 degree weather did prevent me from enjoying the amazing looking pool, lazy river, and beach area the resort offered.

The fun old-school details of the resort made it a fun and unique stay. Walking through the halls, I felt like I had walked onto a set in Mad Men.

The on property resorts, like Cabana Bay, all offer shuttles to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. They run every ten minutes and it is only about a two minute ride straight to the theme parks.

It was an amazingly refreshing mini-momcation. At the end of the day, did I unwind by watching The Devil Wears Prada? Sure did. Did I do so while eating a chocolate frog (from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter)? Absolutely. Did I go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up to enjoy a luxurious breakfast? Yep. Did I get to enjoy my coffee while it was still hot? You bet! These are just some of the little things that rejuvenate me, but that I often miss out on during the day to day life of toddler chasing, writing, cleaning, and chaos coordinating.

Take some time for yourself, friends! You deserve it!


That’s the best thing you really did to yourself, Laura! Sometimes, we need some special day for ourselves to energize! We don’t neglect ourselves, after all, we always are there for our family! The place is really upbeat and a nice place to relax! And thank you too for being a good and caring mom! That is an great example to the next generation! God bless!

I am sure you had a splendid outing and you've got beautiful photo shot @laurabanfield

Beautiful photos. Like the color of the beds.

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What a cool idea @choogirl! Thanks for the info!

Glad to hear you got a break from adulting...it is exhausting and can really wear a person down. That sucks it was so cold (it's freezing where I live, ugh) but I'm glad to hear you still enjoyed your time off.

I know so many people who are between age 25-45 who are working themselves to death at their jobs and in their home lives with the constant menial tasks. It's an epidemic (I'm convinced).

I'm 4 days in the process of mentally healing from a 3 month overtime binge at work the details of which I won't go into. I'm starting to feel somewhat normal again...I think. I almost forgot what normal feels like.

Taking a break from everything is absolutely crucial to maintaining one's physical and mental health. If you don't maintain those 2 things, it's really hard to function from day to day.

I hope you and your family have a great holiday week.

@cryptokeppr THIS. All of this. It is so true. We could all benefit (and those around us would also benefit) from taking some more time for ourselves.

We need some rest or unwind from our exashusting daily activities but your're right we really misses our routine .. Thanks for this wonderful post @laurabanfield Godbless your Family

Thank you for the kind words @jaycee7viral!

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That looks great!! We should all take such a vacation.. but let’s start with more ME TIME. ☺️
Why is it that women find it so hard to interacting that in our lives?

Tooo good i just loved it. And i am supporting jerry :) my friend

great adventure my friend... I wish I had a good SP to give you a good vote... but still upvoting you with my tinny minny vote..

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Great momcation!, That's right everybody deserves to take time for themselves. Lovely photos!
Have a good one! Greeting from the Philippines


why did you give up on posting so far?

Old, but NEW 😃
You should post more Laura 👌🏾📸

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good post interesing

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I have always wanted to visit Orlando parks, especially those of Harry Potter. Your photos, further increased my desire to travel and go to know that place, I hope someday to fulfill that dream.
Christmas is my favorite time of the year! and that's why I greatly enjoyed your photos. I felt that a small part of me traveled to that place with you and I thank you.
You took very beautiful photos, and you made a great post, very entertaining to read.
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you have cool posts.....all the best

Look like you had a lovely time :)

Good luck to you! All turn out!

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very buitiful picture in buitiful place . we hope more picture upload like this.

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I like the cozy bedroom

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The importance of spending a little time with yourself periodically as a health booster can’t be stressed enough. Both eastern and western civilizations have traditions involving time away from the daily grind eating healthy food, performing light exercise and enjoying plenty of downtime doing nothing. This post was a nice reminder to all to take some time off periodically to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically.
Thanks @laurabanfield

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great Post!

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