The Old Dog Reports: Another Day Another Vacation Location!

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We've changed location and now there are three of us in the Tyrol area of Italy. Yes my son is back from his visit to Rome and he's with us.

The language here is German, or rather their dialect of that language. The second language is Italian and so since my Italian is better than my German I'm using it while here. It's really bizzar to know that although everything is written in German, the culture is German and the language is German I'm in Italy. Cool!

Why do They Speak German Here?

South Tyrol was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire until it was annexed by Italy in 1918'after the WW1.

What Will We Do While Here in South Tyrol?

This time we've taken a few rooms in the town of Mülbach which is about 1 hour from Innsbruck Austria, 45 minutes to Bolzano (home of Ützi, also known as the ice-man) and hundreds of kilometres of bike trails. We plan on checking out all of them.

I Just Got Here But I'm Posting a Few Photos From The Hotel

As is my custom on this vacation I enjoyed a beer while getting my bearings in this new location.

This time our hotel is right in one of the main squares of the town. We're loving it! It's from the mid 1600's

Here's the view from our balconey. We're looking forward to exploring our area.

Thanks for following me on my travels and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.

 Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog) 

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A family visit! A wonderful moment and enjoy well! I think I could see more beautiful photography of this travel in your next articles!


Sounds like you are having the time of your life! LOL Yes speaking Deutsche in Italy is weird. I had 3 years of German in high school but am very rusty. Enjoy my friend @kus-knee. I am assuming they are speaking high German?


They speak a dialect but can switch to high German.

My dear friend, every place you visit is more beautiful than another, I enjoy this holiday to the fullest and the beer you enjoy looks great, although I do not drink any liquor, I know that many like to drink a beer on vacation, continue Having, beautiful moments in that place, my good friend, I hope to continue with you going through those places. regards



Dear sir Enjoy the beauty of beautiful places and share it with us so we also enjoy with you and cheers.
The vacations are truly the most valuable and amazingly amazing as we make some memories over there that can't be forgotten for whole life.
Enjoy your precious moment's sir and makes them memorable and precious.
God Bless You.


I appreciate your kind words.


Thank you dear Sir for your words, it's reply of your beautiful and grand heart.

Innsbruck as well as Salzburg are very nice!
If I may ask average cost of living and eating in this travel? Mostly Switzerland..thank you


Switzerland is an expensive place to stay. There are some budget hotels that are simple but decent and they be about 100 Frs per night. Sometimes we buy our meals at the grocery store and it is reasonable.

The highway in Italy is expensive. We paid about €20 to drive to our hotel here which was about 300 km.

Most likely you can find all you need on the internet.


I know.. just asked for a quick flavor regarding Swiss prices.. I am guessing it is like London.. Thank you!

Tyrol is really a beautiful area to visit! I love the architectures there (very different from my Tuscany ^_^) and the food is super! Yes, they speak German and I can say you that when they talk in italian they have really a german accent ;)


Yes it is fun speaking with them!

I have heard about Italy's beauty.but didn't try to search .thanks to share your awesome visit with us.I would wait for your next post..I hope it will have alot beautiful pictures.its good you know their language otherwise this trip could be very hectic for you.have a nice journey.


Thanks so much,

@ kus-knee if place to doubts this is a place that I want to know, there is a lot of beer and every time they look better.
excellent pictures very beautiful,
When judging by the images you are having a lot of fun. Congratulations
that you continue enjoying that beautiful place
I wish you a happy stay


Yes we are just about to explore this area which is for us the first time ever.

wuao friend, what are you going through are the images beautiful and the best thing is that you are sharing with your son these are the best moments of life


Thanks, we are happy to be together.

Wow...another fascinating place you selected for current vacation. Seemed you enjoy much with drink beer under the sunny condition. The clock tower showing proud of the Tyrol. Colorful flowers increase beauty.


Yes the flowers are always a nice addition.

There you go with your trademark 'beer in the foreground' photograph @kus-knee.

What a beautiful looking square and view from your balcony.

Are there any ugly places on your holiday? 😂


We try and avoid the ugly places but we did cross the outskirts of Milano to get here.

That's my favourite way of getting my bearings ;0)


Yes you're an expert at that!


Hehe, just a tad! :O)

Italy is also a beautiful country coz their culture, language, spectacular place etc fascinated me.

"No reason to stay, is a good reason to " that's a lyric in a Camila Cabello's song "Something's gotta give"!!! ♥♥♥

However, I hope it will be amazng adventure...
Thanks for sharing this part-1 adventre...
wishing you all the best...
Nice photography...


Thanks so much.

Another beautiful location!!!

Is your glass half empty or do you just need to get another?


I've always been a half full type of guy!

That truly seems like a beautiful area and I guess the cultural influence will be also available in food, beer and almost in everything that you could possibly enjoy. Really nice post I hope you enjoy you vacation.


Yes it is a culturally unique area of Italy.

a piece of Germany in Italy... must be an interesting feeling when you get on the Italy-looking area and it suddenly looks so different :)

Your topic very interesting.realy beautiful photography.I love your post


The photos taken from the hotel are very beautiful.realy you are intelligent photographer



it is so much beautiful place.... Italy is really charming... glad that your son returned and is with you... nice photos

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Amazing view and wonderful photography👌

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Wao sir you are enjoying your life..italy is very famous and most wonderful country....such a fabulous hotel...hotel are so neat and clean....very attractive locations...i really like is so tasty drink....Many benefits of beer in our life......Right side of hotel looks so cool,and wonderful....view from hotel balcony is so is a historical place....Enjoy your self sir....thanks for sharing this great post..

What beautiful photos friend I hope you enjoy your vacation to the fullest and relax your mind. because nothing better than enjoying life and living with the family, greetings from Venezuela, my support

everything is written in German, the culture is German and the language is German I'm in Italy.

Ha ha,,,,wondering.. I don't know why they choose first language for German. Italy is choosing second one. For me Tyrol area low attraction than Swiss. Nice shots taken @kus-knee.

I like yoi way of posting images. Great and beautiful place. If i am not missing this is Hallstatte?

Amazing view :) I love your way of taking beautiful pics

Wow great trip Switzerland to germany .The pictures are awesome ,specially the house with flowers.Thanks for sharing your beautiful time,enjoy dear.

Looks a lovely place, enjoy :)

I love this country. Because Italy looks nice and clean and I like trash you like America not imigranti and Niger e looks really nice and clean and not piggish and what else is there no welfare people thank God.

itz all because their government work for them n their people cooperate with government . they aren't developed they are just living normal beautiful life , the actual life.

Thanks for sharing this nice experience!
Have a good day.

Oh how beautiful. I absolutely adore this area though not been and had the pleasure for over twenty years now!! Thanks for bringing into my field of awareness again - just been reading of your Swiss adventure too. Your summer is fabulous and so charming to follow your footsteps like this!

good drink .

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Great adventure and awesome trip this is turning out to be loving these travel post :D you should keep exploring more places :D

wow! amazing another trip again. Actually i love this country/culture and many more.

Anyway, these all photograph are nice. All the best.

Keep reading, keep learning. There is much to learn from your travels than just googling it.

You're damn basy man @kus-knee
Keep moving forward.
Steem on!

Best way to start with a nice cold one! Very interesting about the speaking German! Do you ever hear any English there?

I do believe this is an amazing place to spend the holidays with my family members. The pleasant side of the life can be observed through these awesome shots. Thanks lot @kus-knee for this location :)

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