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Do you like bathing in thermal waters? I do! Since they had been calling for bad weather anyway we decided to head over to Leukerbad Switzerland for the last few days of our vacation.

It was my first time visiting this ancient source of hot thermal spring waters that shows evidence as having been settled way back in the 4th century BC!

Would You Like to See a Few Photos of Leukerbad?

In Leukerbad the rugged, rocky mountains are very close and imposing! That's our hotel on the right.

It's a typical tourist town that has expanded over the years and includes many quaint dwellings.

I included this to show you the closeness of the ruggedness mountains.

The center of the town is filled with these typical narrow streets 

As usual the Swiss love to decorate everywhere with flowers!

Some of The Fountains Have a hot Water!

The water bubbling up from this fountain is practically scalding hot!

This wall feature is has hot water running down its full length. Weird and wonderful!

The Thermal Waters Soothed The Old Dogs Aches And Pains Away!

This was the outdoor pool of our hotel. There were also a few indoor ones with water temps from between 34-38 degrees Celsius? My sore neck? Gone!

I hope that you enjoyed this little trip with me!

Until next time,  

@kus-knee (The Old Dog) 

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Total wellness!


Apart from the beer, yes.

WOW! Such a beautiful place. I think I could spend the rest of my life right there!


At least a few days! You'd be feeling so good fron the curative powers of the water that you'd need to get on the move!

I think I missed few times of breathing while watching that photography! yeah I won't talk much about these photography coz I think you have that real experience of watching these mysterious nature scenery around you!
In this cool weather climate it's good have a bath at 34-40 degree water pool!



wow,my dear good friend.. @kus-knee you are a really brilliant person.because alltime choosing fantastic place for travelling. Leukerbad is a beautifull place of swizerland.i am always like your showing every visit place.because its alltime doing my heart touching.this wooden house sides high hills and blue sky stayed white cloud.its just marvelous.specially this last picture swiming pool sides house overall mindblowing.i hope that you enjoy your good time spending with wonderfull place.this decoration flower colour very impressible.i wish that your last vacation of swizerland being alots of pleasure and best memories of you.atleast this tropic you express doing perfect style and perfect writing word.its your explantation high quality thought skills.your select article alltime best..this is a excellent shots photography dear..i support your work and appreciating..thanks to sharing for your extraordinary post..very well done.take cate yourself and best of luck of your great work.i pray to god for your bright future and i want you stayed always live long happily in your whole life..keep it up and see you again.enjoy your vacation dear best friend.. @kus-knee this time i resteem your post..very well done..


Thanks so much.

My dear friend, affectionately called hahaha, these photos are impressive, that city is beautiful, and the photo where you show us the hot springs is something out of series, here in my country there is, but from their own natural source, They are streams that are born in this way, although its smell is strong but here they are medicinal, so good that you could immerse yourself in them. Greetings, dear friend, I follow the steps.


They are an amazing natural resource.


I would say, dear friend, that they are very necessary for many people who are really cured in their waters.

Wow very wonderful photography my best friend.your photography is very important. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life my best friend @kus-knee



Your vacation vacation spot is very pleasant. A beautiful place with a fountain that is truly amazing and a luxury hotel where you live gives a comfortable atmosphere for a vacation. I like to have friends like you with perfect pictures and amazing travel blogs. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the visit!


You are welcome. regards @kus-knee

Wow! what a scenery Leukerbad has amazing. What about the temperature there ? seems very much pleasant and perfect to spend the peaceful time. Overall, it is really treat to watch this area as it owns architectural touch and yes offcourse nature is so kind here look at that mountain. Thanks lot for the awesome photography @kus-knee :)


It was about 15-25 degrees Celsius. Still summer.


Oh I see, thanks for the reply :)

Amazing place for travelling. The outdoor pool of the hotel, the natural beauty of Switzerland really enjoyable. I also appreciate your awesome photography. Thanks a lot for sharing your travelling moments with us.

Wao kuss_kne such a marvalous photography.switzerland is so beautiful country.I really like this country.such a wonderful hotels.Mountains looks so amazing.Sky looks so wonderful.Buildings looks so beautiful.very great decoration of red looks so are right.Streets are so narrow.very amazing sitting place.and very swiming pool.summers are to hot.i am really enjoying your great trip.thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the visit!

The place is really beautiful.. Awesome photography. My dear lovely friend. Love you photo


It was nice to visit there!

Oh yes, I do having bath in thermal waters, What a beautiful place you are visiting, I like the mountain on the back, are they real?


Yes the mountains are all too real. You need to travel narrow roads to get there.

I imagine the locals are very grateful for the hot fountains and springs when winter sets in. A quaint and beautiful town:)


I'm sure that they are!

Wow what a beautiful place, it's really fine for a rich vacation hehe, here in Venezuela there are beautiful places too.


Yes the world is a beautiful place!

Picturesque! I can't stop staring at the mountain! I love the first photo!

They also have the fountains with warm water in Bad Ragaz. It's so strange when you don't know about it and start drinking, lol!

Thank you for sharing! Looks like you have amazing time with your family.


Yes, it is strange!

The town looks really nice!


Beautiful photographs that you show us dear friend. That place is wonderful.


It was nice to spend a few days there.


how good those are the best memories of life

To be honest they do really look like someone did CGI :)

The mountains seems like just acting as a shield indeed :)

Lovely images buddy !

Leukerbad is indeed beautiful


Yes it does look almost like that!

Hi @kus-knee, Such a impressive location you stayed in Switzerland. Terrific architecture used for built house & apartments. Water pool has awesome looks. Hot water fountain given nice bubbling style to nature. I totally recommend Leukerbad better place to take rest and spend your valuable time.


Me too!

This place is so beautiful and so cute.
I would love to travel there and experience it myself.
Glad to hear that the thermal waters help to sooth the aches and pain away. At least you know it helps.
I must have been amazing. I bet you will be coming back.
Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful trip.


Thanks for having a look!

Such a beautiful mountain in #leukerbad. We all know leukerbad is one of most beautiful mountain-city best ever in Switzerland. Nice shots/clickz again. The whole experience would be so ..!! Our planet is so beautiful and full of life.

Actually, leukerbad really looks like engerberg, "example"


Engelberg, a alpine town in central Switzerland
Something about Europe. Quaint little town with scenic mountain views.
Switzerland is really pure magic!
Engelberg - Switzerland.

However, i'm impressed!


It is very nice!

Picturesque my friend! What is the purpose of keeping the water hot? Do people use these hot waters for therapy? Thanks @kus-knee


The water comes out of the ground hot. It has minerals in it that are good for you. My sore neck is gone!

I really enjoyed scrolling through your trip. I'm not one for hot water (never liked the feeling that I might be getting cooked) - but a natural spring? I could do that, especially in such a lovely place!


If you could get over your phobia you'd be feeling really good!

What a delicious place to visit, I can see you are having a great time visiting Switzerland. Have a safe trip.



Woww these are such a nice places, i would like to go there.


Maybe you will visit there one day.

Disfrutar de unas vacaciones en un lugar asi es un espectáculo @kus-knee. Un hotel entre las Montañas


Yes, very nice!

How good this publication is, @kus-knee. The pictures are beautiful and impressive, especially the ones where you look at the mountains in the back. In my country there are also hot springs and they are wonderful. This type of water not only relieves muscle and bone pain, but also skin problems such as fungus and rashes. Similarly, if you get the clay or mud that contains all those sulphurous waters you can spread it on your body and the skin will be as good as new. Of course, not to mention how relaxed you'll feel to get into a warm water - zero stress! Nice day for you!!


Yes the water was very soothing!

@ kus-knee is a shame that is coming to an end on vacation days dear friend, how to get back from such a place.
I would love a bath of thermal waters, they do very well to the joints of the body
Thank you very much for letting us know these beautiful photogarfias
I wish you a great day


I had a sore neck but it went away after swimming in those waters.

Wonderful, I love Leukerbad in winter is also very nice skiing. Thanks !


Yes, in the winter it must be very special!

I'm really enjoying to see your photo collection @kus-knee. Leukerbad is a very cool & lovely place to vacation. Mind relaxation houses and surrounding area awesome. Mountain increase proud of town.


Yes it was a good place to spend a few days.

Oooo. Another lovely place @kus-knee. I would definitely be up for a dip in that pool.

So the weather is about to change is it? You've certainly had a very good run of it up until now. 😊


It went better than the forecast said although it did rain a bit.


Ah. I thought you meant it was going to rain tomorrow @kus-knee. What amazing weather you've had. 😊

This place is completely beautiful! a requirement see!! The landscape/mountain were simply gorgeous! we have a tendency to had an ideal day

Although we have a tendency to did not partake the pleasures of the Thermal Baths, it's a preferred place to be. The outlets were terribly busy... Had hopes of seeing lammergeier, however wasn't to be. Did see associate degree Imperial Eagle, though..

Thanks for sharing amazing adventure...
Keep moving forward.



Such a beautiful town! I like so much bathing in thermal waters. Here in Tuscany we have some small villages really famous for their thermal service :)


Oooooh you are lucky to have them near you!

Dear sir thank you for sharing the beauty of Leukerbad. It's very grand, full of rocky views and decorated by beautiful flowers.
It's very beautiful view.
The thermal bath really heals us and sometimes on winter I take this bath but artificially warmed water, not by natural.
Thank you for your epic experience sir.

God bless you dear sir.


Yes the naturally warm waters are a wonderful feeling!

Wonderful! Was the water hot outside?


Yes 34 degrees!


WOW! Than I like it :-))))

Hello there,
I live in a country rich in thermal resources. And I like to go into these hot waters. It's a beautiful trip again. and shared successful photos. we thank you:)


I'm glad that you can enjoy them too!

What's more better than this i guess nothing awesome to see some incredible shots along really it was fun :D


Yes it's was fun!

That's such a pretty place. Maybe one day I will get to visit:)

Your photography realy fantastic. I like your photos

So sweet photography sir. I am so happy. I like it your very wonderful photography. thank you so much @kus-knee sir.


Fantastic what a beautiful place.


What a beautiful place- the scenery is nothing gory of spectacular! Thermal springs are indeed a wonderful way to relax, detox and relieve aches and pains- we have then here in Costa Rica close to our biggest most active volcano Arenal and to lay in pools surrounded by tropical jungle plants and flowers has to be a top way to spend ones days occasionally. Good for mind body and soul ❤️🌈🦋🌴💛💦


It sounds great!

You are great photographer.Beautiful place

What a beautiful photography @kus-knee....really i wanted sharing inspiration photography below,


For Public :Leukerbad, Switzerland-if you have some time to visit the small towns, I recommend coming here!

Wow, the photos are gorgeous! Love the ones with the view of mountains <3

it is very beautiful place! enjoy traveling

Postingan yang sangat bagus saya suka pada postingan anda @kus-knee

Nice post i like it and East and West you are the best

Ohh so cool :D I'd love a nice warm bath even though it's so hot today xD
I also am having a very sore neck this week :S

Lindas fotos, un lugar espectacular, gracias por compartirlas, @kus-knee.

Yes Switzerland has many beautiful sides, mountains, lakes and a lot of nature ... enjoy it 🤗