What Should My Next Travel Destination Be?

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I need your help!

Okay, so I haven’t been out of the country in a while (except Sweden for a few hours this summer), and I’m craving getting on a plane to a really cool city. But I just don’t know where to go. Yeah, I know.. it’s a luxury problem. The last time I got on a plane to another country was in March 2017, and that was to go to London, England.


London, England (March 2017)

My favourite thing in the world, is travelling. I think I’m the most happy when I get to travel. I love experiencing new places and cultures. I’ve never been outside of Europe, but one day I will travel to Thailand or the Fiji Islands. Not this time though, I have to stay in Europe, and it can’t be too expensive.

Deciding on where to go is a bit hard. I’ve already looked at tickets to Amsterdam, and that is the cheapest option I got now. It’s not too far either, and I’ve been there once before. I love that city. There’s a million things to photograph, which will be my main priority. On the other hand, I would like to visit a city I’ve never been to before. Like Barcelona. I don’t know much about that city, but I would like to see Sagrada Família.


Trondheim, Norway (September 2017)

I’ve also looked at tickets to Venice and Rome, but that was way too expensive. Venice is a dream though, especially for photographers. One day! Visiting Paris is also a good idea, which can be done from Amsterdam. It’s only a 3 hour train ride away, so staying in Amsterdam and visiting Paris for a day wouldn’t be a problem.

20170415-DSC03470 (1).jpg

Stavanger, Norway (April 2017)

Deciding on a place is hard, and yes, I have googled a lot. But then I got to thinking: I could ask the Steemit community for help. There are so many people here from different countries, and people who have travelled a lot, so I bet some of you have great tips for me to help me decide. Maybe some secret locations where there aren't many tourists? I would like it to be a place where we don’t have to wear a jacket all the time. Fall has barely started, and I’m already sick of it. But then again, every country south of Norway will most likely be warmer.


Belgo in London, England (March 2017)

If you have any tips on where to go, leave me a comment! I would also like to know great places to eat and shop.

Have an awesome day, Steemit friends!


All photos are mine.


Have you been to Prague before? It's beautiful, comparing to Norway relatively inexpensive, and depending on how long you plan to stay, you can take some one day trips to nearby sights, like Karlstejn Castle (also the area around castle is nice place to hike), or Kutna Hora to see the ossuary (if you are into creepy stuff).

I have actually! Buuut that is a long time ago, I think I was about 6 years old, so I don't remember much. I did actually consider Prauge, I have friends who have been there and loved it, so I will visit that city one day. I think I have decided on a city, I'll be writing about it very soon :) Thanks for the tip! :)

And yes, I love creepy stuff!

@kristinbr I would like to advise that you don't really needs anyone's help but to listen to your inner mind or person. That will take you to the precise place you would love to visit. All you need to is look for a quiet place all by yourself and meditate about your travel and I bet you, you will arrive at a conclusion and you will thank me for it. Cheers!!
I just followed you and upvoted your post. I guess you will do likewise to my resent posts

Thank you for your comment and advice! I think I might have come to a conclusion on where to go. I'll be writing a post about it when everything is in order :) I upvoted your post a few days ago. Have a nice day :)

You have had a very nice travel experience but learning knows no bound ,we need to explore,I will advice you to go to Amsterdam first the one you can afford now and later you'll travel to all your dream land,please I need up vote also on my recent post and kindly follow me,please

Yes that is true, we do need to explore! I have decided on a warmer place. Amsterdam is too cold I think, so that will have to wait. But thanks for the advice :) I upvoted a post of yours btw :)

why don't you visit Ajk its an heaven on earth..you will definitely be loving it

Sounds amazing! Maybe I will one day :)

Your photographs are really professional as i think. Because your photographs speaks. Your photographs always has been in a calm form and including of thoughts of some deep expectations.

I'm saying just what i think and what i analize through your photos.

Aaw thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! Means alot <3

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