Explore Hong Kong with me #8-帶大家去尖沙咀“掃街”🍢 🍹local street food in Hong Kong and coffee shop in Tsim Sha Tsui

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Hi Steemit friends,


Hope you are doing good today.🌹 As you may remember, I introduced two local street food shops in my Explore Hong Kong with me #6. Hong Kong is famous for its food and it brings together cuisines from all over the world. And street sweeping in local lingo ( sou gai) is an essential Hong Kong experience and no Hong Kong experience is complete without trying Street food. Even Michelin has launched its street food guide in Hong Kong. This weekend , my friend travelled from the U.S to visit Hong Kong and I decided to bring her "Sou Gai". And to start this journey, we decided to visit a local coffee shop with incredible 3D coffee Art.

Steemit的朋友大家好,週末大家都去那裡遊玩了?不知大家記不記得我在Explore Hong Kong with me #6 介紹兩家我很喜歡的街頭小食店呢?香港以美食天堂而聞名,匯集了來自世界各地不同的美食,而「掃街」是一個在香港旅遊的重要體驗,米芝連更為香港推出了街頭小食指南。「掃街」的意思在街上閒逛,邊走邊品嘗整區的街道小吃。今天剛我的朋友從美國到香港旅遊,所以我就帶她到尖沙咀「掃街」,嘗試不同的街頭小食,體驗這個香港的獨特文化,開始掃街之前,我們決定先到訪一間咖啡店,它們有很可愛的3D立體泡沫咖啡。

Let's begin our journey~ 😉 開始我們的旅程~ 😉

1. Allegretto

Latte Art can be inspiring and artistic, baristi always come up with different designs and patterns on the surface of the latte. The Baristi in Allergretto has brought the latte art to the next level. The Latte Art of this shop pops out from the coffee cups. It's a pretty spot to chill after you get tired strolling around Tsim Sha Tsui or have a casual lunch with friends.


Allegretto is located around 11 minutes walk from Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit E.



Coffee shop is in modern style using red and black colour as their theme colours. I like its strong contrast of the interior design :)


And different paintings are hanging on the wall.




Let's see what we order today~😋 😋 😋 我們來看看今天點了什麼😋 😋 😋

Rose Mocha. For those who love the taste of rose and chocolate, this rose mocha surely hit the spot. It taste more like a chocolate than a mocha to me :P But it still taste pretty good in my opinion.


3D Art Cuppuccino. It's super adorable. What girl could resist such adorable 3D latte art, right?


Another 3D Art Cuppuccino. This time is a bear floating on my coffee.

另一杯3D立體泡沫咖啡, 是一隻可愛的小熊, 他好像在游泳, 哈哈 :P

They even paint on the back of this bear. Looks how cute this is.

看看小熊的背面,他還有尾巴和腳掌,也太可愛了吧 > <


Photo time with my girls:P It's worth the experience but the latte is just average except with 3D Artistic design. I am impressed with the 3D coffee Art.



Next we move on to "Sou Gai", the street food stores I am going to introduce are located on Hau Hook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui or the street next to it. You can find many different restaurants and street food stores on this street :P



2. Fei Jie's Shop 肥仔小食店


Here's the menu, there are different combinations provided for the customers to choose from. Famous for their grilled squid tentacles, Mini waffles, Cuttlefish, Chicken kidney etc.


Here's the food that we ordered. squid tentacles, chicken kidney and pig intestine. They are served with mustard and hoisin sauce.:P My friend said they taste very delicious. It's probably the best place to get "sang cheung" pig intestine in Hong Kong.


3. Changzhou Glutinous Rice Ball 長洲糯米糍

It's located right next to Fei Jai's shop who famous for its Mango glutinous rice ball originated in Changzhou, Hong Kong. They are soft glutinous rice hidden within it is a big piece of mango. It's also known as Lo Mai Chi in local lingo. Other than Mango, there are different flavour to choose from, durian, strawberry, etc.



Mango glutinous rice dumpling and Durian glutinous rice dumpling 😋


I prefer durian to mango as I am a big fan of durian. I know the aroma of durian is very strong,and some people found its smell repulsive. You either hate it or love it .

4. Chimney Ice-cream 煙囪捲

Walking for like 2 minutes from Changzhou Glutinous Rice Ball shop, we get to the Chimeny ice-cream. Chimney is a bread-like pastry with peanuts or coconuts crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. They are used to replace the traditional cups or cones for the soft serve. Chimney Ice-cream have different combinations of soft serve and types of toppings.




I ordered a classic treat, vanilla flavour soft serve with koko krunch and caramel sauce.



5. Three Potatoes 叁薯

Another street food store on Michelin Guide, Three Potatoes is famous for its large variations of potato dishes, like the baked potato with egg, hash brown with fried onion and bacon etc. Today, we ordered a special baked potato snack, baked potato with chicken in Sichuan Chilli Sauce. It tastes pretty good, the chilli sauce stimulate our appetite and make us want more after eating so many food in this culinary journey~






Baked potato with chicken in Sichuan Chilli Sauce


And of course, we visit "HE JI" to end today's journey:P If you ask me which street food shop I like the most, I would say "HE JI". Their fish balls and fish meat Shao Mai are just too good to be real~~ To know more about this street food store, you may visit here.


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@krischy, thank you for sharing the information about the 3D Art coffee. It is really unique, I might go and give it a try as I am currently in HK.

Wonderful looking trip. Stellar foods. Those lattes look so good, drinking them should be criminal.

Yes, we spoon them out before drinking lol. They just look too cute.

I love #HongKong. The Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel is my favorite hotel there. One of my favorite things to do besides eating is taking the train into China and shopping in #Schenzen.

我爱#HongKong。 九龙香格里拉大酒店是我最喜欢的酒店。 除了吃饭,我最喜欢的事情之一是搭火车进入中国,在#Schenzen购物。




Wow. nice seeing you there! It is one of my wishlists.

I have posted my first travel too,

I can't wait to take a trip to HK! Looks incredible!

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Lovely pictures, my friend! :-)

每次看 @krischy 的介紹都是賞心樂事!Thank you!😋😋

謝謝 :)

I love 皇牌套餐 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Same here, I order 皇牌套餐 every time :P

Great post.
I'm following for more.

How did they make the 3d art cappucino? What they use to make the figures??

Thank you. I guess they use spoons but I am actually not sure.

3D art coffee looks really cool. Chicken kidney and livers, I wouldn't dare. Indeed durian are the best, favourite fruit in the whole wide world. It's aroma creamy taste isn't compared to any fruit in the west. It's special and a delicious treat, today had durian ice cream from derry queen. Yummy yum yum.

Thank you. I think durian are the best too but some people just hate them. Durian ice cream sounds great to me >V< Mouthwatering~~~

Nice post ...
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Wonderful trip and very helpful, i want to go hongkong .

3D Art Cuppuccino - it's great!

Thank you :)

Hi krischy...you are just wonderful..you are posting such tempting and mouth watering stuff that i cannot resist myself ..now i am out in the town to have some local stuff to satisfy myself

haha, that what I want lol

我對参薯跟煙囪捲很有興趣啊!!! XD


真的~ 美食天堂啊~ 有好多東西我也都還沒試過呢! 有機會你們來我們再一起去試試! :D

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Thank you😊

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Wow...the one with the gizzard and pig intestine looks delicious. Noone can resist the ice cream...can they. I have always enjoyed my food trip to hong kong. Especially the dim sum is to die for.

Yes, dim sum is sooo good, I always go yum cha with my family during weekend~~

I am such a glutton. My trip to HK is all about the peanut porridge, curry fishball, dim sum, pork chop...list is endless. You are lucky to be in a food heaven.

Thanks for sharing your post about exploring around Hong Kong. Had to laugh when I read "Fook" on the street sign but I`m pretty sure that word has a different meaning to how it is meant to be in London UK.

Que preciosa te vez en las fotos y la comida excelente me provocaste. Saludos

Thanks, @krischy, for sharing your interesting culture with us. Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world and you have surely further enticed us with more insights into this city. I love the 3D art cuppuccinos and the chimney soft serve ice cream.

Thanks for sharing a like your pic ;)

Thank you :)

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Thank you:) Come visit ~~~

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As I am a foodie lol I just love eating so much. Glad you enjoy reading my post.






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I desperately need to visit Japan! That is for sure a place on my bucketlist of places to visit. ❤️

Wow, thanks. I love street food. The 3d art photo is really nice. The rose mocha must have been delicious


Thanks. It's good living in HK

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I love food too:P

I like your post! I will start following you. I have been to Hong Kong many times, I love the city. I live in Xiamen now!