I travel the world #808: Good Bank Berlin

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I wanted to eat something healty after eating too much processed food for a while. My friend told me about a great Saladbar in Berlin Mitte. The salad is homegrown there and everything is pretty eco friendly










The name of the restaurant is pretty funny. Good Bank, haha this must be the first really good bank. We ordered some salads with salmon and goat cheese and a soup. The salads here are awesome, the best I had in Berlin. If you like salad this is a must

Do you like Salad ???

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Wow yuummmy Food 😋👌

Wow... very delicious foods. I like salad.

To answer the last question, durian definitely one of my favorite! Just had a weekly feast on durian last month.

And wow, the salad straight from the harvest, I bet that the taste was good and the texture has that crunchiness.

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this is so cool, and healthy!!!

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Salads are very useful for our digestion. I like it.