I travel the world #623: ICEMONSTER POP UP STORE TOKYO

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Ice Monster Japan

Icemonster is a Ice-Cream chain from Taiwan and they offer delicious and world famous Mango Ice Cream. I SPOTTED one Popup store in Tokyo and decided to try out the Mango Icecream








The Icecream comes in a huge ball and is really big. Actually 2 person can share one ball. It did cost around 10USD but was totally worth every penny. The Ice tasted similar to the one in Taiwan and the fresh Mango was really awesome. If you ever have the chance try the original in Taiwan.

Do you like ICEMONSTER ???

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Japan is really friendly area in asia for all tourist so all can reach their to freshness

Ice cream is a favorite food for everyone.It's a small big, everyone loves to eat.i also like Special one.thank you.

I knew ICEMONSTER for the first time. It looks good.

they're beautiful, too. I just only have eyes for ice cream.