I travel the world #619: Hua Seng Hong Bangkok

in travel •  3 months ago

Hua Seng Hong

My friend took me to the Hua Seng Hong in Bangkok. It is a chain restaurant but they offer the most amazing crab curry and crab rice in Bangkok. We ordered the Curry without anything else than crab









Usually if you order a crab curry, there is a bit crab inside. The staff put an enormous amount of crab into this curry. It was really amazing! We tried the fish and some fried shrimp too, but nothing could beat the crabmeat fried rice and crab curry.

D you like Crab Curry ???

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Paso a saludarte amigo, veo que saboreaste un buen plato de cangrejo al curry, exquisito menú. @knozaki2015


Fue muy delicioso querida perlana el cangrejo es una buena comida!

wow😍 that looks👍 amazing📸


Glad to hear that :)

What exotic food I hope you have tasted as good as it looks


It tasted completely amazing!!

Hua Seng Hong is a fish royal residence of Thai Chinese nourishment. Alongside their charming menu of fish, they additionally serve diminish entirety and a bundle of Hong Kong style desserts. This restaurant is famous for its testy seafoods.crab curry and crab rice is the one of these delicious dishes......


It is exactly as you say, I was really hipped before comming to this place as I had heard a lot about it and I have to say that it really matched my expectations, incredible food and atmosphere!!


I always want to go to such a place.

Looks absolutely amazing and tasty! I thought it was somewhere in Malaysia or Sibgapore looking at the chinese shop name.

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Hahah it could actually be in Malaysia or Singapore but this seafood institution is actually in Bangkok :)

Over here we use crabs for soups and I love eating them.
I have never tried crab curry before but will do once I get the opportunity.

Crabs are awesome and they are highly nutritious. In fact almost all sea foods are highly nutritious.


If you have accesability to fresh crabs you could actually try to do the curry yourself, Im not sure how hard it is but it could be awesome!


Awesome idea, I will probably check YouTube out for the recipe.

I love crab curry! I also go to this restaurant chain every time I'm in Bangkok, they have really good food :)


Crab is the best!! Bangkok is a great place for eating, one of asias food capitals!

I'm a vegan but still it looks good.

I've never tried Crab curry !! Looks incredible !