I travel the world #617: Live Tuna Auction in Tokyo

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Tuna Auction

Steemit Japan User @kinakomochi took me to a Tuna Auction in Tokyo. I had never been to one of these so it was exciting to see a live auction. There was a whole Tuna which was really huge. We bought some more Sushi and Sashimi Stuff, I got some Rock Oysters which were huge...























The funny thing was that to determine who is getting the best pieces of the Tuna (otoro= super fatty tuna) we had to do a Jankenpon Game and the winner only got to buy the best parts. The tuna was huge, so everybody was able to buy something, but @kinakomochi won one game and got to buy the Super Fatty Tuna.

Do you like Tuna Fish ???

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Interesting place...:)...


Glad to hear that :)

These are some truly amazing captures and tuna live auction seems pretty interesting. Food is really important in life.


Really glad to hear that you like it @cryptofairy, as you say, food is essential in every sense for the human being!

I like it. How much does it cost the whole Tuna?


Well it depends, there are tunas that can be sold for some huge amounts of Yen! In this particular one I could not say as it was sold to many different persons!


Ic, thank you for your information.

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Greatest testy fish ever. looking good to see. thanks for share


Thanks for your comment m8 :)


3 years ago, i test this. That was great. you are most welcome.

Very Nice photographs...


Thanks :)


Tuna is something amazing :)


Tuna ofcourse I am vegetarian.

I heard the live auction at Tsukiji will be ending next month. They are moving it to a nearby market.


indeed, but there is many places doing live auctions. its not only tsukiji ;)
ping me for your @steemfest tickets! they are live and I already bought a couple for the jp community. singapore community ping me too!

I also want to go see this tuna fish show.


Online there are a lot of videos of Tuna auctions, really fun to watch!

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I can't wait to try the sushi in Japan @knozaki2015. When we finish the HardFork series I plan on visiting Tokyo and Kyoto for a little rejuvenation.



japan is best to relax and enjoy the best food in the world. try to get one of the famous Japanese rock oysters too, you have never eaten any oyster like that , promise !



Thanks for your comment man!

Wow! These are amazing pictures of massive fish, lol! I would love to get some seafood there, it looks so incredibly fresh! Nice! I have sent you a free pack of Steem Monster cards to you, I think you might enjoy them! You can see them at steemmonsters.com :-)


Dear @clove71 Japan is the greatest paradise for seafood lover as it has one of the greatest fish industry in the entire world, its actually not only about sushi, japanese food is heavely sustained by the fruits of the sea!
Thanks a lot :) I will take a look!

extraordinary performances, big tuna, Japan is the most tuna eater.


Im happy to hear you like it, tuna is indeed really beloved in Japan!


Yes, I like tuna in my area, lots of tuna

Japanese seafood is great! you can also check my Japanese street food vlog: