I travel the world #613: Daluma Berlin (Organic Restaurant)

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Daluma Berlin

Whenever I want to give my body some Vitamins and healthy food I go to Daluma near Rosenthalerplatz to get a salad or some other organic food. Germany is leading the pack with their organic food incentives so I enjoy that you can buy a lot different things











As you can see the restaurant is pretty basic but offers a lot different Vegan and Vegetarian Organic dishes. My recommendation is to get one of the Detox Juices or Power booster Juices to give your body a great power kick into the day.

Only bad thing about Daluma, it's expensive.... but you get what you paid for, so you might consider going there from time to time.

Do you eat healty food ???

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HAVE a good time ...

a good and useful summary for health.

Happy to hear that you found it interesting!

Mi amigo un placer como siempre saludarte y pasar por tu blog a mirar tus fotos tan hermosas, este lugar es genial para esas personas veganas o vegetarianas, en todo el mundo debería existir lugares así, ¿cuéntame como estas?

Hola Jeni yo creo que lo mismo, es importante tener lugares asi para que las personas que se alimentan de forma distinta puedan comer cosas tasty!
Yo estoy muy bien, y tu?

Looks nice for our health.

Definetely :)

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