I travel the world #608: Singapore's best Laksa

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Laksa Singapore

My friend took me to one of the most favorite Laksa Stalls in Singapore. I really like laksa for it awesome coconut taste and the noodles. The stall is serving it since 59years and many say this is the best Laksa in the world







The noodles are a bit shorter and have a consistency like spaghetti. The soup is a bit spicy with a coconut flavor and some chili oil in it. There is shrimps and some other things in the Laksa. Its incredibly tasty so if you go to Singapore try out this one !

Do you like Laksa ???

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The Laksa looks great. I would love to try some.

It was really amazing, one of the best ive ever tried!

Laksa food might taste good, I have never felt laksa food, maybe one day if I go to Singapore I will definitely stop by to taste it.

You should definetely try it out, completely sure you would love it!!

i think so, must be fun.

Actually the food is very tasty. If in our place in indonesia as well as many thousands of food which becomes the menus in the restaurants.

Laksa is actually a typical culinary fusion of Malay and Chinese culture. With the basic ingredients noodle which is the Bamboo Curtain Country specialties, combined with spices from countries in Southeast Asia, makes savory and scrumptious sensations mingled into one when eaten😊

Heey man thanks a lot for the information, its really nice when I find a comment like yours because its an addition to what I posted :)
Laksa is something super tasty!

I knew about Laska for the first time.

If you have the chance to taste it in your city, I would say GO for it!!

Good writing I like. Expand the work again, and more articles. Hopefully a little science that you provide useful to the reader Do not forget to follow me

Thanks a lot for the good vibes, I will think about what you said :)

Looks tasty indeed. Do you often having food in the hawker centres here as well?

Yes. On the hunt for greatness I am frequrntly in the hwaker centers

Amigo amigo mio como estas nunca había escuchado esto de Laksa pero como lo describes parece un sabor increíble, ¿dime como estas?

Es una cosa muy deliciosa la Laksa :)
Yo estoy bien Jenni y tu?

Is this the Real McCoy at Katong?
Don't looks that familiar.

It surely is :)

Very tasty food, I want to taste the food.

Next time I will send you some :)

And the unique thing is you eat them using a spoon, not chopsticks 😄

Good point forgot about that. !

Laksa, I knew for the first time!
It looks delicious, I learned very much! !

When I saw this picture, I remembered Okinawa noodle dishes!


Maan I completely agree with you, it does look a little like Okinawas Noodles!

i love the katong laska whenever i visit my friend lan shop last time at katong. Remember the first time eating, hey how come no chopstick one, only spoon. Btw where's this place ?

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