I travel the world #577: Meeting @thisisbenbrick at the Berliner Republic

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A while ago I shared the Video of the Berliner Republic with you guys https://steemit.com/travel/@knozaki2015/i0d49oyg it's a Beer Exchange Bar, so depnding on the sales a price of a beer goes up or down






I took @wingz and @thisisbenbrick our 6x Platinum Music producer from London to the Berliner Republic. It's really interesting that the prices of the beer go up and down by up to 10% in an hour. You can order food here too, but the food prices don't change depending on the demand

Ever been to a Beer Exchange ???

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plantations that are well suited for everyday purposes and very close to home. I think it's very good

Glad you liked it!!

What a gorgeous sunset. The first photo with the ray puncturing the clouds is really majestic.

Really happy that you enjoyed it dear friend, hope you are doing fine @jabed76391

Amigo como estas, un sitio muy interesante con eso de que los precios de la cerveza baja o sube tal cual como una bolsa de valores, el de la foto eres tu?

Es un lugar muy divertido porque presios cambian todo el tiempo, la cerveza es muy deliciosa y disfruto mucho de todo!!

Nice to meet you brother @knozaki2015
I have resteem you post.

Thanks man, nice to meet u 2 :)

why so beer prices can go up and down like steem and sbd, i really like about togetherness, and have a nice day @knozaki2015, friends have forgotten me.

Dear @masril, I never forget you brother :)
Its a super interesting place, im sure you would love it!

I really need your support.

wow ,,, very good post in drink poto, i am interested in your post, @ knozaki2015 I promote your post to be smooth what you want friends thank you very much

happy to enjoy his friend's journey and a very good drink, I thank you for upvote his good friend yes

@basyir01 thanks a lot mate, hope you are doing fine :)
Take care bud

Thank you my friends

Have fun try outing the beer :P

I really had fun, thanks for the wishes :)

Nothing better than a nice cold beer :) Enjoy it :)

I definetely agree with you, its the best!!

I've been to this bar - it's a really curious concept and fun to try to guess if you're ordering at the right or wrong time! But on average it's more expensive than other bars in the area.

Thats true but the experience is also completely different than in other bars, I find it super fun :)

Wow, that is an interesting concept. I may start something similar at my house where beer is always in demand.

Hahah thats a good idea, tell me how it worked :)

I'm sorry i have to ask, i send u 1sbd for link below but i didn't get your attention, i seen other people who sent after me already get upvote from u, I hope your consideration.


Have a nice trip in berlin brother @knozaki2015, thank you very much

it looks like a very fun trip @knozaki2015

It was indeed really really fun :)

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