Frequent Traveller #168: Cathay Pacific Bangkok-Singapore

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Cathay Pacific

Cathay is operating flights from Bangkok to Singapore. I never understood why they would offer flights like that, I can only assume that these flights have a high yield and even there is over 20 flights with 10 airlines a day it seems profitable. The seat are fishbone seats configurations, which is a good use of space, but I don't like it.









The cool thing is that you can fly Bangkok-Singapore for 250 USD. Economy costs 80-150 USD depending on the time, so given the Lounge access, the food and more luggage allowance it might be worth it to fly in business sometimes.

Do you like the seat configuration???

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Hello Dear steemit friend @knozaki2015

I JUST RESTEEMED YOUR POST. Such a wonderful photography and very good traveling. really i love your post. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck. ..

Amigo mio, días sin escribirte como has estado ?

Hola Jeni, donde has estado??

i never ride a plane,but this plane is one of the amazing plane i know..nice work for cathay pacific..thanks for sharing sir..very interesting plane to ride,but it's worth a lot of dollars too! 😊😊

Yeah, I agree with your comment, its just a little unusual how the seats are build... cant get used to it!
Glad You liked my post bro

hahaha..It's all about technology 😂😂

Thanks bro!

If you have time, dont forget visit my country indonesia especially sabang island, thank you very much

I promise I will think about it, I just had a lot going on in the last couple of weeks!

Ohh 250 to experience business class sounds like a deal. But the 2 hours flight time is too short, must make full use of the lounge to make every penny worth :)

Hahah thats what I also thought... You cant enjoy it as much as when you are doing an intercontinental flight!

when judging by the images this is a good service offered by the airline dear friend @ knozaki2015
Enjoy your travels
I wish you a great day dear friend

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