COOKED #38: Burrata with Peach

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Burrata Italiano

Whenever I have the chance to buy some Burrata and Tomatoes, I create my own Italian Starter. It is actually super easy but so delicious if you have the best ingredients. Burrata is basically a pimped Mozzarella and much tastier than Mozzarella.





You will need 1 Burrata, 1 -2 Peaches, 1 Tomato or a couple of Cherry Tomatoes. Great Olive Oil and some pepper. Just prepare everything as you like, add a lot oliveoil over your creation and add some pepper. If you want you can add a hint of salt too. Enjoy !

Do you like Mozarella or Burrata better ???

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@knozaki2015, This dish have the essence of the Simplicity and great essence, and in my opinion these kind of dishes we can enjoy slowly while enjoying the pieces of the dish.

And for sure Tomatoes are making this more attractive and eye-catching, and colour of this Tomato is reflecting the juicy essence and making this dish awesome in appearance.

And it's reflecting as you are an professional chef and that is reflecting in your Plating and creativity in this decoration and also in how you presented this post too.

Enjoy your foodie work and i hope and wish that your dishes will be admired and followed by more and more because foodie stuff is one aspect which brings the joyful essence in our life.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Man thats a very deep analisis of my dish, everything you say is clear and analytical, I have always thought that Italian cuisine is great just because of that, they focus on the simplicity of the ingredient and try to conserve the truth flavour of it. Its actually very different to french cuisine where everything is about the technique and how to transform the ingredients in something incredible. I really like the paradox between these two cuisines and im super glad that you liked this italy inspired dish!!
Thanks for your comment pal!


Welcome and great to hear these words. Stay blessed. 🙂

Buratta delicious, wanted it to taste.


Burrata is the best man, just so creamy and simple!


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Nice Italian!


Thanks :)