Railway in Lisbon 🇵🇹

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Bom Dia,

I love how the city is linked through its railway system.

Those tiny wagons are welcoming millions of tourists every year and its also a famous way of going to work for locals.


Because of the many steep hills in the city, the rail is a fast solution to move around.

There are also a subway system coupled with a very effective bus one. Without saying that Uber is extremely cheap to travel around. Sometimes the same price as going around with local transport (but with more confort of course).

Have you been to Lisboa?


Looks awesome. I would like to visit someday too. Thanks for the support on my post!

More than welcome to come around =D
Thanks for the great platform that you built !

Lisbon was an amazing place! I hope to visit again someday

Glad you like it ! What was the place you preferred the most ?

The Pastel de Nata shops of course haha

Hahaha of course =D ! If you ever pass by let me know, I'm opening my fine dining room in Principe Real

Why not ;-) !!!

Well with what have heard Lisboa is a nice place...
Lovely post dear

It is =) Very Dolce Vita kinda city

Have never been to Lisboa but i ope to be there due to the way you have posted it @jlcrypto

I wish you to go !

amazing photo

Obrigado !

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