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"learning to give a little lecture does not become a leader, it is not easy to become a leader, it is a gradual development"-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Hello Steemitian, Today I am proudly presenting this post for many reasons, First, the tallest statue of the world in India and I am Indian, Second, it's situated in the Gujarat State of India and I reside in this state, Third, site address, Sardar Sarovar Dam is just a 50 kilometer away from my house.
Usually I read and research a lot before posting any post and it takes two-three days or some time a week to finish the post, but today I am making this post without much read or research just gather the information and some of my known knowledge, that's it, but I have to do this coz this statue is in my neighborhood.


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's Statue, Named as Statue of Unity
On October 31, 2018, the Statue of Unity, the world's tallest statue, was unveiled by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi at Kevadiya Colony, Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat, India.


Time magazine issue of 27th January 1947, Cover story was based on Vallabhbhai Patel and with the heading "The Boss", Cover's downside written with "India's Vallabhbhai Patel" and " A Bald dilemma and sharp right horn"

Vallabhbhai Patel
Born- 31 October 1875
Died- 15 December 1950

Sardar is the honorific name given to him, the meaning of Sardar is the leader, He was also known as the Iron Man of India, He was a great leader, freedom fighter, lawyer, and first deputy prime minister of India.

When India got freedom from British in 15th August 1947, at that time India was divided into 562 small-big states of Raja's(King) and Maharaja's(high king), Vallabhbhai was the man who took an initiative to unite all of them in one to make the Republic Of India and he did that without any conflict or without a military action(accept the Hyderabad state of Nizam), that's the reason of this statue name "Statue of Unity".



Look at the comparison between statues.

In the Statue, the gallery is made at a height of 193 meters from the level of the river, To reach this gallery, there is an elevator in both leg parts of the statue, Around 200 tourists can stand together and take a view in this gallery. Sardar Patel Memorial is spread over 1900 square meters, 70 thousand tons cement, 6000 tons of steel is used to make this statue, 3550-ton bronze, 25570 Square meters of surface area, 2989 crore INR is the approximate cost, 250 engineer and 3000 workers, made by Larsen and Toubro company.

There are 139 statues in the world which are 30 meters high, of these, 42% are made in India and China.
The highest number of statues in the world is of Lord Buddha and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.
Gandhi's statue is in more than 71 countries.

Other attraction

  • A museum based on the life of Patel
    • in the museum there will be 40000 documents related to Sardar Patel, and more than 2000 rare images
  • Bharat Bhavan an exhibition hall
  • 3 D projection mapping
  • A tent city with 250 tents
    • 500 people can stay in 250 tents, in that 75 luxury tents, 74 deluxe and 100 standards
  • Valley of flowers
    • valley with 17 kilometers of a wide garden on the bank of Narmada river, 230 hectares area will be covered for flowers from around the worlds
  • Food park
  • water park
  • laser show
    Lots of other activities which even I don't know right now.

For the foreign tourist, there will be around 100 trained guide will assist in different languages.
Tourist can reach at this site through road, train, metro, flight(nearest airport Vadodara and Surat)
By the way, Surat is my hometown, so don't forget to contact me if you come here to visit this place.
There is a lot to write about the VallabhBhai Patel and about the statue of unity but don't want to make it big and boring.

So guys plan for the trip to India, you won't regret that's my guarantee.
Once again I want to welcome you all to my hometown Surat for the Statue Of Unity.

Thank you all for reading and supporting



yea it will be a biggest tourist destination in south asia

I wish that you can show us all the surrounds of this statue @jigsindian 😊 It must be amazing to see 250 tents and how it's looked like if we're inside it. Anyway.. how much we should pay to get in the statues area?

Oh sure @cicisaja it will be my pleasure to host you here.,
This is the second tent city built by our govt, first one is at kuchh the place which is the only white desert in the world, which is also in my residual state, about costing of stay, luxury tent cost 8000 INR, deluxe and standard rate is around 6000 to 8000 INR, but you don’t worry about the cost cuz it’s on me, if u come.

Show me your pwn picture @jigsindian 😉 it's unveiled right? Have you visited the statue areas? Would love to see more pictures.

We are planning to visit the statue on 13th of this month, so you want to see me huh alright then let me visit the place so I can show my pics with the statue selfie

😂😂😂 not your selfie, but all the compound site that you explore by yourself and show us the pictures of it.

Actually, you gave me an idea that I can make a whole post about my visit to the tallest statue of the world Statue of Unity, Alright then stay tuned

that's it @jigsindian.. that's what I mean.. You need to take us there through your post..just make sure that you're not fell asleep at one of the tent after enjoying your delicious lunch in there

HaHa I will try not sleep there, of course, I will make you feel that you will grab your bag to visit this place, but I might won't visit the tent village coz we are not going to stay there.

Great Informative Post. Keep doing.

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