Dreamscape Photography!

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You are not seeing still images from a future version of the movie Avatar, rather I have assembled a collection of images entitled "Dreamscape photography" to showcase the amazing talent of photographers who capture dynamic low light landscape images.

Capturing photographs when all the elements are perfect require experience and understanding in order to interpret a moment correctly and execute proper photographic style. Low light photography presents other significant challenges based on light pollution, equipment limitations and inspirational locations.

Most cameras are limited by low ISO as a result of subpar image sensors. Capturing images in low light requires equipment like a tripod and in some cases a remote so that the tripod is not disrupted during the image capturing process.

Getting to a secluded location or capturing an image in a crowded area is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. From my perspective one of the factors that require the greatest level of motivation as a photographer is being able to get to locations that are fresh and interesting that can provide a dynamic subject. Planning to be on a location when the conditions are ideal is not always going to work out as the weather always seems to have its own plans.

Finding the time to get away from work or family obligations and other responsibilities in life is not always easy and getting to locations to capture images in some cases for some photographers eats away at vacation time since traveling to exotic locations is not possible all your long for most people who have jobs and pay bills.

This post is part of my continuing effort to expose as many new photographers to Steemit as possible and as many Steemit users to fantastic photographers with amazing collections of artwork as I can find. I would say this experience has been received very well by both parties, I am encouraged to continue my effort. All photographers featured on this blog post will be invited to Steemit. I will personally pay for a first upvote to help introduce the fresh new artist to the Steemit Community should they decide o join and on-board these cats to crypto properly with the intention of seeing these artist off to a healthy running start on what I think is a kick ass platform here on STEEMIT.

Meet Wayne Pinkston!








Meet Kenny Teo!







Meet David Kingham!




16479664986_de54714e3f_o (1).jpg(https://flic.kr/p/r7fAfW)


Meet Atmospherics!








Meet R1M Photo-Taker!



Meet Anton Jankovoy!

18701916674_d263645b12_o.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/uuCdgd)

22163223176_65f63da869_o (1).jpg(https://flic.kr/p/zLuj6w)



Meet Guillaume Vassord!




Meet Zachary Stisser!


Thank you for taking a second to leave a comment and check out this post!
Which photo is you're favorite?
What is you're favorite style of photography that you would like to see me cover on my next blog?

NOTE: Right click open in new tab any image to see full resolution or save to use as a desk top or screensaver.

Written By STEEMIT user: Jazmin Million


Great photos
Amazing how the person seeks to what he loves
We really see the passion of those in the results of their work
Thank you all .. beautiful
Islam L'articte

Very nice :D good job

Wow, I am speechless and have no words to describe this picture, it really reflecting the magical effects of nature and these are not less than any precious ornaments. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Very nice pics

Wow just wow!

I watched this in real not in a photo north Sweden

Wow, beautiful shots!

Yeah really beautiful.... :D

Amazing & dynamic low light landscape images. Low light photography at its best

Beautiful pictures, especially of the northern lights. I live in Tromsø (Norway) and now in the winter, I see northern lights from my house almost every week.. so beautiful..

Wow! These images are stunning!

You have a very colorful way of looking at things!

Very impressive!

Absolutely captivating photography. The use of long-exposure can create such a surreal feeling and then paired with the stunning saturation, these are gems. Have you seen the photography project someone did where they envisioned all these major cities across the world with no lights on? It's so haunting and while not an in-camera trick, still a wonderful set of photos. I'll look for the link if you haven't seen it!

Amazing photos @jazminmillion, i didn't stop looking at those photos !!
Im going to use this one as a Wallpaper.


the view alone makes me visualize if i can actually see these real

this is EPIC

Hello. You have such complete photos, that I am embarrassed, what amateur photos I post. With your photos, I realize how much I have to learn. But, it is my pleasure to watch your masterpieces, because they are food for the body and soul. Thanks

I think of it as something I should be less embarrassed about and let the creativity motivate me to learn how people do what they do, know what I mean? Photography is like learning music or any other art, experience comes with practice ;D

I completely agree that there is not enough free time for this hobby. But I believe it will be better.
I will be happy to wait for you to post something so beautiful (y)

damn, really want to see that aurora thing at least for once. Grr, how frustrating. Splendid photos @jazminmillion you just ingnited a fire inside of me.

This is some of the most amazing low-light photography I've ever seen. I've been a student of photography for a long time but I've never managed to perfect low-light shots like these with my Nikon D7000. The high ISOs are just way to muddy to be left with anything presentable.

Definitely something I'll be practicing with more in 2018 so maybe I can make a future roundup like this. :)

I will follow up if you post a comment when you have stuff ready, Flickr is a great resource to learn this stuff, the Nikon group has every answer for any question! I am going to follow you, have a great week man!

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

I really appreciate that. I love Flickr. I especially love it when they show the exact settings they used (aperture, SS, ISO, etc.) - It's always great insight.

Just made a post here: https://steemit.com/photography/@mattw/some-of-my-favorite-photos-i-ve-taken

Nowhere on par with the work from this post but it'll give you a bit of a "benchmark" as I learn and move forward. :)

OMG! whatta Art it is. I am sure all the people behind such skilled photography are above than standards. It seems they have put lot of efforts to build this great Show, Massive respect for all the Talented Photographers <3

How sweetly they showed the image of Nature in a very decorative way, They are genuine Observers of the Nature indeed.

Great Show guys, Special thanks to you for showing us this side of the Art @jazminmillion

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

I agree very good work !

Thanks @papotus :-)

Wow these are stunning, probably some of the best images I have ever seen!! I dont even know how I would pick a favourite!

I am asking myself the same thing, I think I have two that are my fav ;p

I think I might agree!

Beautiful pictures <3 , my favorite is number three. You see a very starry sky.

Nice choice, I love it, one of my top few selections as well ;D

It's a impossible to pick favorites they're all so great, but I like Guillaume Vassord's and the one with lightning.
Sunsets are one of my favorite things to photograph.

Nice article as usual man keep em coming!

wow...I almost couldn't believe some of them were real!
These are crazy beautiful

Looks like some of these guys are using cheat codes ;p

This is another great series of Photographs from some hot new artists!
Definitely a " Dreamscape " collection.
Awesome to keep bringing more quality to steemit! :)

Which picture is my favourite??geezzz really difficult to answer. They are all stunning and inspiring! thank you for sharing. They make me wanna pack my bag and jump on the plane travel like right now!!

Beautiful. My favorite is the one with the young boys meditating. They look so peaceful in their surroundings. I don't know much about photography but I do know that I love the art that looks like a mixture of photo and painting with sci fy theme.

unreal pictures

really dream photo

Flagged again for making money off other peoples photography

Even though I am doing what I can to bring people in and pay for their first upvote?

I do like that you follow me know and at least leave comments, if this makes ur life complete.

I am a pro photographer, I know how the game works. Many of the people I am posting follow me on FLickr so ya...

Let me know if you blog my collection and make it pop, I can upvote you chief!
Have a great week bro.


Would you be happy is someone posted nothing but your photos from Flickr on here and made hundreds of dollars per post? Even if they said they were your photos? But you got nothing out of it?

Why not post your own content and resteem other peoples work if you think they deserve attention? Invite these great photographers and encourage them to post these works themselves. If you send these photographers all the money you earn from these posts, then you are doing the right thing

You make a very strong point

What a photo you have mention here, i don't continue to looked at this, this a strange color

Some really impressive photos thanks for sharing.

My favorite is the kenny teo. It indicates peace. Lovely collections

Wow... Great, I love your style. You give me so much inspiration.
Thanks for sharing. Thank Jazmin Million

Those aurora pictures are cool, something I hope to see someday.

these photos seems like a drems world....thank you

Look at the mind-blowing colors of amazing graphic images. I am just wondering how beautiful graphic designer will be ..!!

WHAT A BEATIFUL POST!, my God, I loved all of it. It amaze me, like you said, it seems Avatar's world . Really hard to pick only one as favorite. I think this is mine https://flic.kr/p/soW5Zs. really really beatiful, congrats!

excellent post & good work friend !!@jazminmillion

Absolutely stunnig collection of photos and photographers! Dayum!!! Thanks for helping to grow the community! IMG_4974.JPG This is one of mine 🤓

very, very beautiful.Hopefully, ı will go here

@jazminmillion All these photos are overdone in my opinion - both in terms of colors and contrast. And this hyper contrast and very high saturation applied globally - to all objects on the photo - in such situation you have no places on canvas where your eyes can rest. Such postprocessing was very popular about 5-7 years ago.

If you will look at latest works of world best landscape photographers - like Ted Gore, Daniel Kordan, Marc Adamus, Dan Greenwood, Ryan Dyar, Max Rive - you will find much more subtle contrasts applied locally, less saturation and overall more subtle and art like look.

Art is subjective, ty for you're feed back and checking out this post.

Here is my own personal collection.


wow...amazing photography,great photo capture,i like your post
thanks for sharing,have a great travel

Awesome pictures ! What kind of equipment that you use?

Nice long exposure photos. Very good work !!!

This post has received gratitude of 10.61 % from @appreciator thanks to: @jazminmillion.

Beautiful photography

thnks for sharing bro very beautiful :)

absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word, It's an amazing job, incredible, I've been captivated with every photograph!

wow awesome scene.. love it. congrats my friend

AwesOme capture

Unglaublich schöne Bilder! =)

SO incredible!! I am just wondering, those photos with those spiral lines in the sky, are those stars?

Your photography wonderful ..Really amazing picture.

Many photos look like gods coming soon. Nature is awesome!

wow awesome pictures nice photography

These shots are breathtaking. I'm always amazed how much color you can find in nature.

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It's like a comet on a full moon night, this is really amazing, I mean the talent is friggin rare this is beautiful

I have fallen in love with these piictures😍 the 3rd one was my favourite. Awesome job @jazminmillion Im also a photographer please check out my work and give me your opinion!

wow these photos are amazing! Thanks for posting!

Every photo was beautiful! The clash of a rainbow of colors was stunning for the third photo, but I paused on the photo with the caption (https://flic.kr/p/nWy9BM), which was before Guillaume Vassord.

If I may ask, was the circling effect a natural thing a person can see or was it moving that it caused lines to be seen at the photo?
Thank you for sharing such amazing photos. :)

Thank you for share!

there is no words to this Photo, it's too cool ... I hardly believe this Photo. not like the Earth's where I live, it is perfect.

I always wanted to capture the Aurora ! All the pictures are just perfect!

Amazing pict

Many photos we see them in a second, or we want to do it with a single click... but those photos do not show the hours of work waiting for the moment and much less after being taken!!! 📷

i cant believe that these are photos! it looks totally insane.

Thanks for your kindness I like all your photos. Just a picture is worth a thousand words. These can be million words to describe how beautiful and wonderful it is.

Excellent work, really talented. These images are exceptional :) Wow! Some amazing photos!

woow thats really amazing i love it _
by the way did you know that CVS bans photoshop...
read more :

Your photos are just breathtaking could sit and look at them for ages. I have started following you and look forward to seeing more posts from you. :)

Wow..really appreciatable buddy...😍

...such peace!

Most stunning pictures I hv seen so far on steemit. Thanks for sharing.

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Amazing photos! Thank you for chosing them.

I’m actually in tears right now thank you for sharing such beauty. And thanks to every artist for capturing it.

Those photos with the full aurora breakout make me feel like I'm immediately being sucked into my next incarnation.

Mind blowing pictures, seriously!! I am kind of a fanatic about the night sky and stuff, but not all pictures are as beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

nice photos. thanks for sharing this :)

without hesitation i have all images saved on my computer for future viewing purposes and reference, cause i love photography and art.
looking forward to other wonderful piece.

thank you for shearing .

Nice fantastic post

That second photo reminds me of the other multi-artist post, don't remember who had that theme of a person holding a lantern against a star-strewn sky. I like https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidkingham/16479664986/ the most though. Hopefully the world can move towards a place where more people are able to express their artistic interests through technology like sick cameras.

wall this is very good i liked this

Great effort and good pictures .

These images are great writing prompts for all the fantasy novels i dream of writing. thanks for sharing.

Wow these are stunning photos!!

as always you are doing very professional thanks for great photos @jazminmillion I know my power it's not more like yours even though I'm going to upvote this post and look forward your next great job

I'm speechless.

nature is a beautiful creature

That's definitely a hard work! To get pictures like those is a work based on perceptions and knowing too well your cam, Always gratefully with you for sharing with us new talent!!

this pictures are so gorgeous, nice post :)

Your photos are amazing!

Jost who, its inspiring to take more and beter photo's when you see this.

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