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Sunday's are GREAT days for "relaxing adventures" don't you think?!

There is something special about a Sunday morning... when you open your eyes and the sun is streaming through the curtains... I always lie in bed with a sense of peaceful enthusiasm. There is no pressure yet there is a simultaneous desire to get up and make the best of what the sun has to offer.

It has been a particularly LONG and rather hard week for me... I have burnt the candle at both ends, and have really felt it! I was SUPER spoilt last night because my mom @lizziesworld offered to come and cook for me so that I could just sit and relax. She cooked a leg of lamb for us with all the extras and after dinner my little man washed all the dishes! It was SO amazing and such a treat! I am VERY blessed!!!!!


Sunday morning arrived and Jude had a party to go to, I was spoilt once again... Dave and I decided to hit the road for a mini road trip! (Always good for a Sunday!!)


It is always an ongoing debate of "where should we go" but amazingly enough - today we agreed fairly quickly. lol We had a "bit" of time... but not "a lot" - wanted somewhere with a decent dining experience.... and a VIEW. (A view is ALWAYS high up on my list of priorities lol)

So Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch it was to be...

Amongst the hundreds of wine farms in the Western Cape, Spier is probably THE most "commercial" one... it is a real "go to" for tourists... so needless to say is seldom visited by us locals... but time was an issue so off we went... I personally have not been there for about 15 years, so what the hell, right?!

Hi ho, Hi ho its off to Spier we go...

Not sure if any of you are big series enthusiasts.... but that ship on the left of the below photo is the set for the series "Black Sails" - geeks will know ;) lol


Approx. 30 minutes later and we have arrived! Considering it is Winter it is PRETTY DAMN hot! lol Welcome to the country folks!


By this stage I was so hungry I could and most probably would have eaten the dash board if I was given half a chance.... lol.. There are a few restaurants on the wine estate and the one that I REALLY want to got to was sadly fully booked outside. They had a table for us inside - but no Capetonian with any sense will opt for sitting inside when the weather is as glorious as it was today...


So onward we headed... to the "HogHouse" - with a name like that I am not really questioning what most of the menu is going to consist of...lol


Arrived we have! Overwhelmed, I was not. lol (but alas.... sit down, we shall...)


Quite a "relaxed" establishment - although you would never say so from their prices... krikey! - but it is a great place for the family to relax and enjoy themselves whilst the kids do what kids do best... climbing trees, rocks and the like...


You would THINK that with prices like that, that the burgers would AT LEAST be served with chips... but sadly no. The burgers are served "voets toets" (SA language for "at the buyers risk") and apparently, today there was a shortage of plates... because my starter and David's main were served on one "plate".... um, sorry what?!

And his burger looked like... well... let me think how to put this diplomatically... no, let me not.... it SUCKED! That was a burger?! ok... if you say so....


That empty stainless steel bowl is what my starter was served in... alongside that AMAZING looking burger... >cough, splutter, wtf<

Anyhoooooo.... lets not forget about the amazing scenery shall we...


I decided to try something different and order the "pigs tail" starter...


It was absolutely delicious, but to be honest... tasted like every other piece of pork crackling I have had in my life... I am not quite sure what I was expecting but "the usual" was not it... I think I had a visual in my mind of some kind if curly chip? lol

But hey... there was wine... so all was good with the world.... squiggly pig tails or not... hahaha!


Alrighty then... I think both Dave and I had had enough of that... so got the bill we did and explore the surroundings we shall....

Heading out on our exploration, this AMAZING oak tree captured my attention for quite some time! They are so MAJESTIC don't you think?


We took a walk across a bridge and went to go stare at the river from the other side....


David was captivated by the river, but something else had caught my attention...


oooooooh!!!! there was a mini bamboo forest!!!!! SOLD!!!! lol



We also discovered the most unusual "see-saw" I have ever seen...lol - Yip that is in fact a wine barrel see-saw lol... LOVE IT!


We were going to attempt to go back to "initially desired" restaurant and have a main...


but sadly, the time had run away and we needed to head back to go and fetch my little man from his party....

We observed some of the "wine stories" on our way out... and I say observed because, well - at this point my ratio of food to wine was well.... bias. lol


"oooon the road again" (no I have never seen Shrek lol)....


Back at the party! Little man was CLEARLY having a blast.... and well, we ended up having a fabulous time too! Way too much good conversation... and wine.... hahaha (keeping in mind that all I have eaten for the day was a few pigs tails, and the piece of pizza I stole from Dave...) Jayne NEEDS food!!!!! lol


Homeward bound... I would like to introduce you to "OLD MAN MOUNTAIN"


Can you see him? ;)


Until next time...

Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I saw your post in my facebook group Seemit Community. I have decided to upvote it for its quality. Thanks for sharing! Nice post.

Quality family time spent in such amazing environment WoW iii Sunday is my favorite day of the week too. It seems you had a ball of a time ! Don't know what time it is on your side of the planet, 2:30 pm on my side, so am wishing you to enjoy the rest of the day with your beautiful family.

hahaha thank you @hazelnuts it is 8.50pm here now... and I am going to go EAT!!!!! because other than the pigs tails and the piece if pizza I stole I have had nothing!!!! lol xxx thank you for the lovely comment xxx

Great post! That oak tree looks incredible! And wine too! :)

hahaha yes - The oak tree was indeed magnificent, but I will have to say that the wine was definitely better hehe :)

Thanks for sharing. My Sunday consisted of showing a house where a half basement felt more like a dungeon. Clients were not afraid since the husband one had a mini stint as a pro football player.

lol sounds interesting... would like to have seen that.... dungeons are intriguing ;)

Think I am most in awe of that Fountain. It's...creepy but calm. Not sure what to think.

I think hes gorgeous :)

Doesn't compare to the photographer!

Why thank you Sir :)

Great posted following for future posts!

thank you :)

Oh I love Hog House! I haven't had the burgers but have tried the lamb shoulder, pork belly and coleslaw. They were divine, and I thought well priced. I did go to the one in Ndabeni though, so perhaps it's better.

Beautiful pics!

perhaps yes :)

Don't get me wrong... it all tasted amazing but presentation... blegh!!!!

Sounds like a great Sunday Indeed, well and Saturday evening, Roadt Lamb is my favorite, imfact we had Lamb Chops today but I had to cook myselef but thats OK I dont mind cooking at all

the Winery sounds such a nice place

wishing you a good week ahead

it was fabulous thank you :)

I was going to add, and wine to adventures and relaxing for things to enjoy on a Sunday, but I see you've catered for that also!

Burgers without fries, what is the world coming too!

I know, RIGHT! lol and oh yes... there is ALWAYS wine :) haha

I may have had a few glasses yesterday! 😁

I may have had a few too many lol

Yeah, a slightly fuzzy head for me this morning - Good job there's not much happening at work.... i think it's time for another coffee! :)

hahahaha wish I could have said the same... came into work with the same fuzzy head but a mountain of work to get through - but... I survived :)

Well done! Are you blogging at work too? :D

in between everything else, yes :) Perks of being the boss I suppose ;)

Roadtrips are the best @jaynie! There is so many amazing things to see within driving distance. I love hitting the road for an adventure. :) Upvoted and followed.

Firstly, thank you. Secondly you are so right!!! We have so much beauty right on our doorsteps!!!

You're welcome. I appreciate how much work you put into your posts.

What a wonderful compliment, thank you xxx

It's my pleasure. :)

Great photos! Though I didn't read the whole thing, looks like you've great places over there. I'll visit SA sometime 🙂

No fair, I had to drive into the city for my Sunday! Looks beautiful

It was, thank you :)

Awesome post... I buy Spier wine here in Denmark ...great wine nice to read about your trip to the winery ... sad burger lol ...

hahahaha it was a VERY sad burger indeed! lol