Sunday Fun Day in Kalk Bay!! - CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA

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Today we decided to get out of the house for the afternoon and head to Kalk Bay for lunch at the Brass Bell. Kalk Bay is a character filled fishing village on the False Bay Coast. It is about a 10 minute drive from where we stay.


Kalk Bay is one of those places, that no matter how often you visit - it just never gets old...



It is such an enormously CHARACTER filled little suburb, you could literally lose yourself for hours, simply exploring...



No matter where you look, there is an array of colour and all sorts of goodies to discover...



Approaching the restaurant you have to go through the subway underneath the railway and are ALWAYS greeted by a different busker. Today's artist was quite talented I must say - and definitely not lacking any enthusiasm! hehe


"The Brass Bell" has been there since "pa fell off a donkey" and is pretty much a household name for most Capetonians!



Enroute to Kalk Bay you pass its neighbouring suburb - Muizenberg, which is essentially "surfer central". The beach there has the perfect waves for beginners, so is naturally where all the surf schools and shops are.


The Brass Bell has several sections to it - one of which is "The Beach at the Bell"


It is a great place for a social family afternoon, because moms and dads can relax while the kids muck about on the "beach"...


building sandcastles and dipping their toes in the water.


The outside section of the restaurant is situated LITERALLY right next to the ocean...



which gives you an outdoor experience, like no other!


The restaurant tables are scattered around the tidal pools - which on sunny afternoons, often offer welcoming "cool off sprays" from King Neptune himself.


It is truly wonderful to be able to relax so close to mother nature...


There is a walkway that runs "through" the restaurant which is referred to as the "cat walk" - it stretches right from Muizenberg


The tide was a little high this afternoon as you can see...



so we decided to give the cat walk a skip. lol


ok... wine time!!! (yes, yes, those that know me well, will know that this is my favourite time. haha) and the order of the day was a delightfully refreshing bottle of Durbanville Hills Rosè


To munch for me, it was a platter for one - which was... as you can see... WAYYYYY too much for one person! lol - but sharing is caring, so nothing went to waste :)


ooooh... sandy toes! How did those get in here! hehe ;)


time for a trip to the ladies... which is a "mini tour" in itself, showing off some world famous photos of our Cape Storms which needless to say are RATHER dramatic in Kalk Bay...


here are a few original photos from the "The Cape of Storms" as experienced in Kalk Bay - a little bit of perspective. lol

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Wallpapers 1366x768.jpg

When you look at pics like that, you would never say that you would be able to dine like this just 500 metres away... hehe


thankfully today, we experienced nothing more than a few tiny sprays. hehe! It was a wonderful afternoon - but my little person was tired so it was time to head home...


However, the day wouldn't be complete without a quick swing in the park before heading home... hehe ;)


Homeward bound... until next time Steemers :)


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Ha ha ha ha Sandy toes. Looks like a great outing!


@enginewitty it was indeed sir :) Thanks for the comment! ;)


Oh ya anytime. I like the way you write 🌞


again... thank you :)

How wonderful and what beautiful images. Don't think you want to be around when those waves come crashing in.. haha. Thank you for sharing, upvoted and a new follower!


Thanks for the lovely feedback @abitowhit - and agreed! lol those waves are not for sissies! haha

vote me vote u folow me folo........


(angrily) NOMNONONONO Nom nom...nomminnynomnom

looks like you had a great time :) upvoted


we did indeed. Thank you for the comment and the upvote. Much appreciated :)

looks like an awesome trip :)


it absolutely was! It is always fun to visit Kalk Bay :) Thanks for the feedback xxx



indeed :)

NOt bad


thank you

Beautiful photos and narration of your day. It is great to meet you here at Steemit! I am still very new, and learning so much. I read a lot of posts to see what other members read and write. You are a GREAT example to learn from! I love the ocean, but over the years as I get older I have more and more awe and respect for it, too. It is so powerful. Thanks @jaynie

nice looking place, indeed. food looks great, guess the sea is cold and air fresh :)


a little bit... but the sun was out to play too :)

Wow! What a great post, jaynie. Please change one tag to africa or southafrica - not sure which. People search for those and they will be blown away by your work when they get here. Spectacular work.

I'm so glad I found you from your fb group I joined. I'm really happy to be a part of it and I will always go to at least one post for each time I post in your group. Thank you so much for running it. I know how much effort that takes.

I think you should do a post here about the group every 5-6 days to recruit. People definitely seach for facebook info here and join groups so I know yours can expand easily if you let people know.

Thank you again and so glad to connect today. I'm out of steem to vote right now but I resteemed and followed :)


Thank you so much for your VERY generous words! Yes, I have actually been meaning to re-share the group on here. I have done it a couple of times, but try not to be too repetitive or "spammy" but I will do it later today for sure and will tag you.

I actually didn't think about using a local tag. I will do that now :)

Thanks again for the awesome response and the compliments! Means a lot.

Awesome to connect :)


I think once every 5 or so days would not be spammy. Just explain the group and what you get out of it and how people can participate. There are a lot of fb groups for steemit. Some are good - some not so good. As long as people visit one post for each post they make - it seems to go well :)

Wonderful place for a relaxing vacation!