Beautiful evening in Chattanooga, Tennessee -Aug 6, 2019

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I'm working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Been here since last Wednesday and am SO tired. Today was the last day of prep. School starts tomorrow whether we are ready or not.
So, knowing that the next 2 days will be Chaos on top of Chaos... I took 2 hours this afternoon to explore a bit since I probably won't be able to go out on Wednesday for a walk.
First I visited Cravens House and Battlefield. Where the Union Army kicked a bunch of Confederates off Lookout Mountain.
It was interesting to wander around the monuments and check out the view of Chattanooga from here.

After discovering that the Point Park cost $7 plus parking to get into, I moved along and drove all over the top of the Mountain to check out the views.
At the private golf course up top I snuck up to the putting green to grab a few photos of the area. At a different overlook nearby there was a sign that said you can see 7 states!
Left to right we have- Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama! Pretty cool!
Looking at Georgia and Alabama-

While up there I stopped at a small park to grab a geocache and there were some beautiful roses. They smelled so nice!
So pretty!

It was hot and humid, but nice to get away from work for a short time. Now I gotta get back to it... lets hope for a decent day and no major incidents tomorrow or this week as school starts up!

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Nice views!

Thanks! You would have liked exploring the area, lots of cool rocks.

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What wonderful views
Good luck with the start of school

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you!

MOst welcome :)

@jamethiel oh cool.. I can see my house from that photo. :-p hope your handling the heat and humidity okay. I'm sure it's much more than what you usually deal with up North.

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Lol! I remember that you are not far, but can't remember which state. A Carolina?
The heat and humidity suck. I definitely don't handle them well for more that a few minutes at a time. It was nice yesterday evening, once it cooled down a bit. But you can't live in the evenings only unfortunately. :)

The red rose flower is very nice ., because the red color is my favorite. :-)

Glad you liked it, the light was so perfect for capturing the colors that evening.

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