To Houston And Back Again

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I'm just getting home, after a sweet road trip to Houston Texas. Got in the house, dropped my bags, and went straight to the computer to see the images I snapped on the road.
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Piggy backing off my last post, the morning after the Riot Houston comedy show at Rudyards, we, Leonarda & I, drove from Houston to Austin.
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Being that I drove us the whole way from Austin to Houston the day before, Leonarda took the reigns for the first half of the trip back to Austin. This gave me time to rest and take some photos of the journey through various towns and highways.
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I wanted to test out shooting in monochrome on my trusty Panasonic Lumix Gh4, something I've never done before! I've converted photos to #blackandwhite like in the previous post, but never shot monochrome.
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Gotta say that I enjoyed the practice very much! The option to shoot in real #monochrome while still having the raw image file was so fun and helpful in post editing. I'd like to thank the #monomad challenge and the #blackandwhite community for opening my mind up to the possibility of #blackandwhite #photography

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Safe to say I'll continuing this journey of #monochromephotography. I really enjoy playing with the blacks and whites and the contrast of the photos a lot more! So much so I even got super basic and took a photo of myself while in the car. Expressions and various emotions come through alot stronger through the use of #blackandwhitephotography
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This was a lot of fun. Always happy when I get inspiration to experiment and even more so when the photos or videos come out this good.
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Tech Specs: Panasonic Lumix GH4, Lomo 50mm Lens, Adobe Lightroom

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