Koh Phi Phi Island Tour

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Hi Steemit so I've finally got round to making a blog about the island tour I did whilst visiting the island of Koh Phi Phi in the south of Thailand. We did our tour with a company called ''Black Sails Phi Phi Adventure''. They have a stand in center of the island where you will be able to chat to them and they will provide you with further information about all the different islands that you'll visit during the tour.


The tour cost us around 2,000 baht in 2017 for a tour starting from 12pm and finishing about 7pm we were provided with free drinks and an unlimited buffet at the end of the day as well as a meal on the boat. One thing you should double check before you book the tour is whether you'll be able to visit one of the ''blue lagoons'' as this depends entirely on the tides based on the time of the month when you are visiting. I didn't know about this until after a friend I know was disappointed he couldn't visit this part of the tour. I'll post a picture of the lagoon so you can see the one I'm on about.


We went to a number of places on a super fast speed boat enabling us to travel around the island much faster than you would be able to with some of the other tours. We visited Viking cave, Monkey Cave, Maya Bay, Blue Lagoon, Private Beach and took part in around an hour of snorkeling where I managed to swim with two sharks !!

IF you haven't already seen my highlight video from the day here a link to that so you can get a feel for how amazing the day was and here is a link to ''Black Sails Phi Phi Adventures Facebook page so you can ask them any further questions or post them down below and i'll do by best to answer for you.





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Where next ?:)


I'm now in Penang (Malaysia)


So envy! In cold Poland now hah

Good job Ben :) Obviously, you can enjoy your travel adventures :)


I love them !!

So many companies do the same tours of Phi Phi islands and the surroundings gems at roughly the same price, but we're glad you did it. We say 'once in a lifetime' due to the amount of tourists that visit it daily, but we've had a few guests that come and visit us in Thailand, so we have been a couple of times. Still loved it as we love anywhere with sea, sun and sand. Good to see you'd enjoyed yourself! :)

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Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable Mentions list in today's Travel Digest!


Thanks so much :)

Ah so much fun @itsben I am going to be there in a matter of weeks and this definitely has me pumped. thank you for sharing your adventures all around this area.


Your welcome you'll have an incredible time !

After the tsunami it was crazy how fast they build up a new tourist village on this island. It still is a really nice gem on the planet! :) Thailand is a special place :)

I found you on #travelfeed discord! Feel free to check out our #steemprivate community on telegram :)

Whoa...you swam with sharks! And you weren't even in a cage! I'm going for the monkey!! Did you find him randomly?

Which place was your favorite part of all of it?