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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Its that time of the year again, when people are in a festive mood, buying decor products, clothes etc and decorating their homes. With Navaratri going on (a Hindu festival of nine nights, celebrated in the autumn every year) and Diwali coming next month there are many exhibitions and cultural events happening in the city.
And I absolutely love visiting these craft exhibitions, especially where you can find artworks from different places in one place, and meeting people who have a unique talent and passion for handmade work. I have always been a bad shopper with zero no tactics of bargaining which is tremendously required especially here in India. So I went with my mom as I feel she is good at bargaining because I really wanted to buy a lot of gifts and decor products. And I was ready with my cashbox full of money.

1 (31).jpg

Exhibition Jaipur Bazaar held at Jawahar Kala Kendra (one of the famous art centers in Jaipur)


There were few stalls for fabrics from different states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu, local handmade carpets, state artworks, pottery, ceramics etc. It was interesting to see that the government is promoting handicraft which is the need of the hour.

2.2 (1).jpg

2 (32).jpg

5 (28).jpg

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11 (18).jpg

10 (25).jpg

But I was extremely disappointed with the kind of merchandise, both in terms of quality. Have been seeing the same designs, and products from the last 10 years and nothing has changed. products didn't even look fresh, it felt like the same pieces that were displayed last year has been repeated again this year.

13 (16).jpg

16 (14).jpg

There was not enough movement, no zeal, and energy. I would have loved to see some pottery items but couldn't find anything interesting. Most of the items looked mass produced which wasn't what I was looking for. Also, the stall displays were messy and not attractive.

15 (16).jpg

Felt that the craft fair was not well curated, there weren't enough competitions in between the stalls, no makers selling similar things, there weren't much of vintage items, which I would have loved to see in such handcrafted art fairs
I would have loved to see some good variety of products and some workshops as well but sadly I returned back empty handed and a bit disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

Love. Swati ❤️

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howdy there itravelarts! oh wow, you went, you saw, and you bought nothing? I think you set a world record right there. The only woman in the world who couldn't find anything to buy at a big sale! lol.

But the photos are wonderful!

Hahahah....I know right. there should be an award given for this ..Honestly, I had everything displayed there, I am sure it would be interesting for the first time visitor coming to Rajasthan but I was looking for something new i guess..
Thank you dear, i am sure you have many experience with Mrs. J and i would love to hear them out. :D

howdy back itravelarts! hey did you ever go back to work and your husband? Well, Mrs. J is a very private person and doesn't want anything to do with steemit so if I want to continue living I best not write anything about her! lol.

Yup, I am back to work and husband.. Both are in mess.. Haha.. Kidding..
But yeah catching up with the backlog and stuff.. It's festival time here so things are good.

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howdy again itravelarts! well I'm glad to hear it, and I imagine that break from everything and going back home was very helpful. And the festival goes on for weeks and business slows down except for the businesses selling alcohol? lol.

रंगीलो म्हारो राजस्थान
Everyone knows this line and Rajasthan is kind of place where life is so colorful. My native place has also been organizing "Surajkund Handycraft Fair" since 32 years, and as you observed everything in this fair smells old. They have telant and they can work on new and creative products, but who cares. Still love to visit them. Thanks for sharing and pictures are so colorful.

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Oh God! I love Surajkund Mela , I was there once during my college days and actually went crazy. I wanted to buy every single thing, I love the whole feel and vibes you get there.. Glad to know you love to visit them too.
Love and hugs's nice hearing you have already know about Surajkund Mela. Best wishes from Himalayas. Live like colors.

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What a wonderful fair ! Seems like there are so much to see and shop <3 Gorgeous photos, too <3

Very interesting exhibition! Thank you for this bright photos!

Thank you dear

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