iNomad Adventures & Travels

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iNomad Adventures & Travels

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Hello fellow SteemPeeps! I am known as @TheBugIQ on Steemit and iNomad is going to be dedicated to my new life travelling full time.


To frame it for you, I am running away from home. The open road beckons me and living in one, fixed location is just not for me. I have spent decades paying rent and owning homes only to build others dreams whether it be a landlord or the banks.

Sky's The Limit I Say!

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This life is not for everyone but I do plan to be very vocal about all aspects of it, the good the bad and the ugly. I have a lot to accomplish for this to work well for me but it’s a change I truly need.


I want to document my experience. All of it. I have a great love of finding solutions to little problems and if I can’t adapt something I will often design and create my own product to accomplish a specific task.

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I am packing up the house I have lived in for the last 6 years and will be learning how to cope with only the vehicle I own before I commit to the Dodge Promaster 2500 High Roof 159 inch wheelbase that I intend to turn into an amazing tiny home. For these projects I will be using every ounce of ingenuity that I can muster.

This project is very important to me and I am very passionate about learning things on my own and from others and passing that information along to those who would attempt this nomadic lifestyle.


As a full time musician it truly makes sense for me to be mobile. It means I can play new and exciting places that I don’t normally get to travel to because I have my home with me and don’t have to pay for hotels.

Perhaps you will join me on this journey!

Let's get ready to travel!!!! I'm currently packing up my house and getting ready to hit the road. Right now I am going through the painful yet liberating process of deciding what I will keep, sell and let go of.

Take it easy,

© TheBugIQ Photography


Awesome my prove what I have long since suspected...

You are never too old to run away from home! I for one think that is a truly amazing thing to do and I envy you although I do not have your courage at the moment. It sounds as though you have had many moments of clarity along the journey to today. You certainly have a refreshingly accurate view on our financial systems.

Kudos to you on using ingenuity to solve problems that may sneak up and shout BOO! when you least expect them...Ingenuity is not such an abundant commodity in the world of late...Use it wisely. 😁

I wonder if anybody has commented on the risky nature of your new grand-plan? Pah! Risk. I always ask myself...

"What's the worst that could happen?"

You will decide it's not the right plan and go back to how you are living today or try something else altogether, big risk, huh?

The very best of luck man, not that I think luck will be a factor. Something just occurred to me...You are gonna be travelling from place to place and playing your music...Dude! You are a minstrel. 😁 Consider me a virtual stowaway on your journey...I cannot wait to see how it goes...I suspect you have already said it above...Good, bad and at times, yup, ugly...Sounds like life in general, right?

You epitomize a phrase that I say to people almost daily...Don't die wondering!


Thanks for the great reply Steven! I'm really looking forward to being a travelling minstrel 😁 I think it's going to be a riot.

I think what I like the most is planning to really take my time to explore the areas I'm playing in. Get there early, stick around for a few days if I'm not playing and check it all out.

I'm really looking forward to not being rushed anymore. Packing up my music gear after a show because I have such a long drive home. Home is where I am now and I will be loving that a lot I think. Just the province of Ontario alone is a treasure house of travel.

Feel free to @stowaway brother as I keep people up to date on my travels!

I'm coming along, hope to hear more from you soon (:

Resteeming you. KEEP visiting @how-trendy :)

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