"Better mountains can only be mountains" - or how was passed our photo session in Altai :)

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Unexpectedly, I again return to writing! During the absence of many things happened, both in life and in the workplace of the photographer. Particularly significant is the number of photos that I managed to process during this time, and which I can now show you :) And let's start with perhaps one of the early filming, conducted during a trip to the mountain village of Chemal.

Now, every time I'm going to the mountains, I think about what kind of shooting there could be done and of course, I'm puzzled by the preliminary search for models. This time, the desire expressed by two girls, which I had previously filmed. One, unfortunately, did not manage to come, but our heroine, Alla, got it right. She specifically rushed from Gorno-Altaisk (which is certainly closer to Chemal than Barnaul, but still far away), for the sake of this shooting))

Meeting her at lunch at the bus station, we decided to go to the base to wait a bit, because the day turned out to be very hot and something to do under such conditions is not only not desirable, but also not safe. Therefore, for another couple of hours we sat in the shade of the gazebo, playing cards and discussing the concepts of the upcoming shooting. By the way, by dress, we decided everything in advance, Alla took the outer clothing and jewelry, and I took the only suitable skirt. And although in general everything turned out to be black, my work always has a slight touch of darkness, so it was quite appropriate for my style.

When the day was finally approaching the sunset, and having felt the heat fall, we moved to a distant way to my favorite beach near the hydroelectric station. There I already spent a few filming, with local girls Anya and Zarina, as well as with my friend Alina. But no matter what, every time I take a shot at this place, I discover something completely new in it and it never bothers me. I will even say more, I plan to hold 2-3 more shootings there! :D

Although I already told you, but for those who do not know I repeat: the distinctive feature of the Altai Mountains is a blue color, always when you look around they seem pale blue, even the first one that meets the mountain is called Sinyuha (blue mountain). Therefore, in photos, this color is not only predominant, but also so pronounced. Especially because there are rocks of magmatic origin on this beach, some are more like their true form and have a blackish shining shade, but others, washed by the waters of Katun, have been significantly transformed to turquoise shades (just as the different composition and periods of formation, of course). So in the pictures it's not repainting in Photoshop, it's just strengthening the natural color :)

In general, having got down to business, I could not sort out the new camera for a while, at that time she had very little time (I bought it a couple of days before departure), and I had not yet fully mastered the new type of focusing. The shooting was saved by the fact that I really like to shoot one pose from all possible angles, so a couple of successful shots in the technical plan, and not only, it turned out to be done)

Alla long ago wanted to make beautiful photos on Katun, so we did not pay attention to anything, completely plunged into the process. When the sun was almost hidden behind the mountains, we decided it was time to round off a little, but after glancing at the time we realized that it was not calculated well, and the last scheduled bus was about to leave Chemal! Starting to assemble in a high-speed mode, we dashed to the main road. Despite the fact that there is a shorter road along the goat trail leading directly to the village, we decided to choose another route, in the hope that it will be possible to catch a ride and get to the bus station faster. And so it happened :) Only going out on the track, we managed to catch the second car and seat Alla. She arrived safely to the station, and then to the house. And we, having finally relaxed, quietly continued their way to the base.

Thank you for attention!


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Stunning photos!

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