Split Old Town - CROATIA for Honeymoon

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Split Old Town in Croatia

My new wife and I took our honeymoon straight after our wedding, to Croatia. We had a glorious 10 days full of sun, love, laughter, good food and amazing sights. I wanted to share some of that with you after such a lovely reception to my post about our wedding day. If you missed the post about our wedding and our wedding yurts, check it out HERE.

OK, read it? Are you back? Ready for some travel?


The Bell Tower within the Old Town of Split, deep in the old palace.

We arrived in Split, just on the coast of Croatia, after a 6am flight. As per all holidays, but particularly because this was our honeymoon, there was no fatigue! We were ready to start exploring straight away when we arrived at about mid day. The flight from the UK is only about 2 hours so it's really accessible.

For us, Split was more a base of operations. A place to travel to islands, national parks and roman ruins. However, it has its own beautiful Old Town too which I want to show you today. We'll do a quick tour of some of the main places that we explored on our first day, and then I'll mostly let the photos do the talking.


Some of the beautiful architecture seen around the old town

The centre of the Old Town of Split is the Palace, once home to the Roman Emperor Diocletian who was emperor of Rome in the 4th century AD. The palace was quite grand, though a little spoilt by restaurants and gift shops crammed into every single building inside the old palace, including the underground basements.


Beautiful little square in the old town, just outside the palace


This was the central square within the Old Palace. Excuse the high angle - the square itself had been made into a coffee shop

After a little explore of the little streets of the old town, we decided to climb the bell tower of the Palace. It was said to have the best view of the city and be a marvel of old architecture. Fairly cheap, I think it cost us about 10 euros or 700 Croatian Kuna to enter the bell tower as well as the cathedral.


On the roof of the cathedral, half way up the Bell Tower, with my wife Amy


The views were pretty good! It was also crazy windy



The most unique feature of the bell tower was that it was completely hollow. With huge arches, it rose many dozens of metres above the city, and inside was just a winding metal staircase, as you can see! This was not a trip for those who were scared of heights because the metal stairs felt really exposed to the world! Definitely worth it though.


This beautiful view (can you spot the bell tower in the old town?) looks back at the city. The lookout point was called Marjan Hill and made a lovely little walk of about 15 minutes uphill to take in the amazing view. We checked it out on the way to go and get some dinner by the marina!


Little cocktail by the marina before we had our dinner


As you can see, the location of the restaurant was truly spectacular. The restaurant itself served some really tasty, high end food. Called Zrno soli, it specialised in fish and fine dining, all of which it delivered!

Have any of you ever been to Croatia? What do you think of Split? I've got loads more photos from the honeymoon but I know it's not as health related as I normally do - who is interested in seeing more? If you liked the post, let me know by voting, following and commenting!

As always,

Yours in health,
Coach Ben


Congratulations coach Ben for his wedding, I have never been to Croatia but if some day I would love to go, it has always struck me to visit the island of Solta. The photos look great. Very romantic, how beautiful is love.

Thanks @darlenys01, lovely to hear from you. I've never heard of that island, where is it?

In Croatia, coach Ben, you should think about going. The Central Dalmatian archipelago hosts numerous islands, among them is Solta, very close to the Island of Brac, and the city of Split, both places separated by the channel of the same name .

The ferries arrive a couple of times a day from Split, so it becomes a must if you stay in Split...

I must have gone past it at some point! We went on a whole day boat tour, past many islands including Brac so perhaps we saw it. I'll make a post about my island excursions soon :)

I’ve been only in Dubrovnik and it was spectacular :) Split also looks amazing and your photos are stunning!

We also went to Dubrovnik and it was truly amazing. When did you go? I will do photos of that one soon!

Congratulations again on your wedding and what a great place to go for a honeymoon.
I have never been in Croatia, but I have seen so much of it from all my friends going there and they all love it. It looks absolutely beautiful and one day I will have to go and check it out myself.
Great pictures and I would love, love to see more of it Coach Ben.

Hey @joalvarez, glad you want to see more! We took so many photos. We were the same - our friends all told us how special it was so we just ended up having to go. Very glad we did!

This post is amazing. The pictures are really nice and sharp, it surely would have won the 'take a walk' contest. Croatia is really beautiful. I've never really seen pictures from there. Thanks for sharing these coach Ben, and am glad you had a lovely time.
Wishing you and your wife a safe trip back home.

Hey @georgebush1, good to hear from you again mate. I'll have to check out the take a walk contest :p Been too busy running contests to have participated in many so I had better sort that out soon!

I'll be sure to post more and if there's any more walking related ones I'll make an entry!

the shots was amazing i think you have a photography skills in you. The sorroundings are beautiful I like the vintage look hehe. And btw congrats to your wedding! :)

Thank you very much @magicalskirt, the photos are a joint effort between me and my wife Amy. She has a real eye for composing a shot but I tend to notice shots she misses a lot so we hand the camera backwards and forwards a lot!

This is incredibly beautiful, thank you coach Ben for sharing these wonderful experiences with all of us, Congratulations on your wedding. I could look at his previous post and enjoy a lot of all the preparation and development of this beautiful event. They were very happy. A big step ... may God bless your marriage union.

Thank you very much @enilekcays, what a lovely comment. So great to hear from you :)

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