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I was inspired by the artistic woodpiles that @kus-knee showed in a recent post. I worked a few days at the Migis Lodge, on the shores of Sebago Lake, in Maine, a couple years ago. It was the end of October and the lodge was getting ready for winter. I was impressed by how they stacked their firewood. Maine gets a lot of snow. And this resort uses a lot of wood. Where should they store it? They stack the firewood as fences!

These fences go all over the grounds, between all the cabins and along the roads.

The lodge workers bring the wood in by the truckoad. At time I was visiting, they were spending most of their days unloading wood and stacking it around the grounds.


Who knows how many cords of wood they had stacked. They will burn most all of the wood by summer.


It's one thing to stack wood between trees. But what do you do when the wood trail ends at a driveway?


These criss-cross towers of wood worked really well as the end of a long trail of stacked firewood.


Even with endless fences of stacked wood, each of the cabins still had wood stacked up nearby. They burn a lot of firewood!


I'll be posting more photos from the Lake Migis Resort: Rustic Cabins, Lake Views, Resort Comforts, and Special Features. So stay tuned by following me!

Do you burn firewoord for the winter? Have you ever been to Maine?

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Great post!

Thanks! I'll be posting more pictures from this area. It was a pretty place - highly recommended.

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So cool! Thanks for sharing!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

I thought you might like to see this. Their approach wouldn't work in a rainy area, like where I live in western Oregon. But where temperatures stay below freezing pretty much all winter, this seems like an efficient use of space.