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RE: Hansenatortravel in Las Vegas II - The Hard Rock

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checks Tropicana website... $39 rooms but $39.68 resort fee...

$46 in resort fees for one night at Excalibur, a lower-end MGM property... excuse me while I go puke.

I can't begin to imagine how much worse the resort fees are going to get once the Raiders move into town.

At least you're enjoying your stay, that's the most important thing. 👍


Yeah... Taxes included in that price, their fees are like 35. I am unfortunately not gambling much. I have not won yet, so luck is thin right now. Lol.

Yeah, Hard Rock doesn't have a reputation for being a great place to gamble (I was last there in 2015 for a concert and their game selection at the time was trash). Depending on your preferences for the type of game...

  • Video poker: will give a listing of many of the better games around (as well as some crappy ones) Las Vegas. Listed payback percentages are over the long-term, so for your stay luck would still dominate over skill.
  • Slot machines: If you actually take the time to read the rules of every game that you're thinking of playing (something that not many people do), you might discover a few +EV situations. Your math background will give you a leg up over the general public here.
  • Table games: The only non-recommendation I can provide here is to avoid South Point. They seem to really sweat the small stuff over there.

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