Natural Reservoirs and Our Neglect

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Hello Lovely Peoples,

Good Morning all!

Natural reservoirs play a great role in the balance of nature. But due to the rise of modern civilization, unplanned cities, new housing developments, they are lost in our society today. In fact, natural reservoirs are called the beauty of nature. People enjoy its beauty and celebrate family time with family members.

But the situation is completely opposite now, our natural reservoirs are being lost due to our immoral needs and greed. Although we do not think about its effects. Because we lack awareness of this.



Our childhood was spent differently, then there were numerous ponds and reservoirs around the society. The reservoirs were a bird sanctuary and they were filled with fish. Although today it has become history. Filling our reservoirs with soil, we have built new habitats. Environmentalists have been vocal for some time, but due to negligence of the authorities, it has not been possible to stop.

Because we are defeated by greed, we are not allowing ourselves to be destroyed by destroying the natural balance.



Which is to say, we bathed in the house in a very short time, to me those memories are still obvious. We had a friend circle. After we returned from school, we used to play soccer together and returned to the pond for a bath. On different holidays, we all used to fish from the reservoirs and enjoy the fries with delight. This is not possible today. Because the water bodies today are empty, all filled with soil today, the environment has no value for the illegal occupants.



The photographs were taken from the preserved area of Savar National Memorial. The reservoir is now an attractive spot for all. Those who come to visit the National Memorial enjoy some time with family members, observe the beauty of nature, and make themselves more refreshed.


Since my mother-in-law's home is in Savar, I often come to visit this wonderful place, enjoying some time with nature. People like me, who love nature, come to this beautiful place and love nature.


All photos captured by me by MI Redmi S2 smartphone.

Thanks all for understanding everything.


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Thanks for understand the value of the green nature for a beautiful and secure planet.

We are a self reliant community that is focused on each individuals want and drive to do for themselves. Let us encourage each other as we share our own adventures, learn new skills, meet new people, and build blocks.

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Appreciated your support.

Nice way of using the photos of nature to elaborate on the situations in hand.

Thanks a lot for your dropping and visit.

Most welcome!

I really like ponds, wetlands and swamps.I visit them a lot actually. Any large reptiles in there?

Since it is located in a protected area, it is natural to have different types of reptiles here. But there are no big reptiles here. Thanks for your visit.


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I didn't know where this is, so I looked up Savar National Memorial and one of the returns mentions the memorial is for a war of independence against Pakistan that ended in 1971. Is it possible that this major change had something to do with the current disregard for the reservoirs?

Very interesting and saddening as well.

Beautiful shots @hafizullah :) We have to protect these precious waters as well as the wildlife that goes along with them. Often there are fresh natural springs feeding those bodies of water, the freshest water you could find!

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A peaceful beautiful place, @hafizullah.

It’s good to bring attention to what greed has done to destroy lakes and rivers.


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Very nice photos! True enough we should all do our part in preserving the beauty of nature 😉👍 congratulations for being featured on phc! 👏👏

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As a child, teen and young adult I swam in natural water regularly, ponds, rivers, lakes and streams. You are right most of these places are either gone or contaminated.

Hello @hafizullah, really beautiful natural background you captured and nice thought I read from you.

Thanks a lot brother, you know well about my feeling to nature.


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It is certainly a beautiful place my friend.
My father in law is a geologist and he worked for a big city council.
They inspected natural wetlands such as this one and refused any development on it for many years.
Then it all changed due to corruption and once where there were beautiful wetlands, they are all now covered in buildings and houses.
So very sad!

It's sad that we have no problem destroying our environment @hafizullah, people suck! 😠

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Change especially to our water systems is a disgrace, what future are we leaving the next generation through greed over the past fifty years.

A topic that needs no discussion as such, we need to find ways to rectify the wrongs we have created through development without fore-planning.

Lovely photography and sorry to hear so many of your areas have been destroyed, much the same is happening here @hafizullah

Definitely a lot of green, and so I love it, that good photographs, and an excellent reflection, it is regrettable to see how day by day the same human being is destroying his house, thus lowering the possibilities of life for future generations. These natural lungs are essential to purify the oxygen that we breathe today, and by ending them, we are simply ending our lives little by little every day!

These are beautiful photos. A lot of green. That's good for a lot of things.

This is a worldwide problem it seems, and you're so right, man's greed often is the culprit as is irresponsible behaviour! Lovely photography!

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It's so important to bring awareness to environmental damage. Informative post, @hafizullah!

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Absolutely beautiful @hafizullah. All we can do is keep educating and sharing.

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In my younger days, I was going to school, to be an Environmental Science Teacher... I wanted to catch kids who were young enough to listen, but old enough to understand. This is the very reason why... It is like that old adage from a Dentist's Office, "Ignore your teeth, and they will go away"...

I found your post, via the @phc Newbie Highlight, and wanted to pay you a visit... beautiful photos my friend, and I agree... we need to start paying attention to nature before it's beauty is gone...

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what a beautiful spot. I agree with you - so much damage to natural wetlands by indiscriminate human habitation. Tragic.

As a whole, we humans have not been very good to the environment around us. It's hard to imagine that Europe was at one point mostly forested; we certainly put an end to that! I think we're seeing some positive changes, though, or at least an awareness for improvement. It has to start somewhere.