$1 noodles are available everywhere in Thailand

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I think that access to cheap and tasty food is one of my favorite things about living in this country. Up here in Chiang Mai (and other large cities in Thailand) I DO have access to overpriced delivery food including and especially the usual suspect, pizza. But for almost anyone, living almost anywhere except remote location (and it is really unlikely you are going to live in such a location as an expat), cheap noodles are something you can acquire pretty much anytime.


It was around 10pm and an entire meal was not on the cards but i was feeling a bit "peckish" and didn't want to go to sleep with a void in my belly. I also didn't want to break the bank on what was likely an unnecessary snack. Therefore, the noodle stand is a perfect decision in these situations.


While the name on the push-cart varies depending on where you are, the offerings are pretty much the same. These yellow stands can be found pretty much anywhere and if you are visiting for SF2 I strongly recommend that you at least have a try at one of these things.

My dish was yellow noodles with red pork and dumplings. They always chuck some vegetables in there that I think is kale but I'm not sure about that. You then use the chili powder, vinegar with mild peppers, ground peanuts, or sugar to flavor it to your desires. There is normally fish sauce and some sort of spicy paste on the tables as well, but I don't use those. Up 2 you!

Anyway, this awesome snack that seems to be reliably delicious no matter where you are in the country normally comes at a price-tag of 30-40 Baht per bowl (close to $1 US) and at those prices, you can probably afford to do it wrong and still win.

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This is awesome. I would probably be eating more than my fair share of noodles if they were this readily available at such an awesome price. Is the flavor good? I have had some stuff for a dollar that really wasn't worth it because the flavor wasn't there. As long as the flavor is good then it is totally worth it!

The flavor is remarkable considering the price and the fact that it isn't pre-made. They create your concoction right in front of you and they are very customizable. I sometimes feel bad for the dude like the other night when it was raining and I was his only customer. I can't imagine he makes very much money but since around $1 is the norm for these, if he charged more than that, no one would eat there.

That is a good point. I wonder if they have a "busy time" that pretty much sustains them for the day.

Oh! This one is really good!! You’ve got lots of vegetables too! Order one for me, but I like dry noodles!!
Almost my lunch time.

Thanks! Send it quick via the internet!

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Ha! If only that were possible. 😂

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It is delicious cheap and make us full. We can sleep well. Noodle is recomended food in the trip too. We can choose chicken noodle or just intant noodle with vegetables and seasoning.
I don recomend to use too much chilli because it make your stomachache visiting you. You can add it a little bit to make your desire arrouse.
Thank [email protected] I order chicken noddle one portion

Warm rehard from indonesia

Price of one pack pasta in my country has been risen to $0.5, therefore $1 for noddle is a good price.

Cheap and delicious. But in Thailand are almost all courts delicious.

Cheap and delicious.
But in Thailand are almost
All courts delicious.

                 - livecam

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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It is delicious
bonne apetite
I love you thailand
good travel friend welcome to morocco

Delicious food

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