Awesome Alaska Sunsets -Oceania Regatta Cruise

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Awesome Alaska Sunsets -Oceania Regatta Cruise. One of my greatest wishes was to go to Alaska and see the bears and the whales in real life.

This was an amazing fulfilling dream come true, but sailing to Haines made me appreciate the wonderful sunrises and sunsets.
Let me share a few with you:-
Sunset sailing towards Glacier Bay and Haines

The view from the deck of Oceania Regatta
Almost midnight, and still a glow in the sky

The ship steams on20140803_075755_LLS.jpg


Up at 5 a.m. to for coffee and biscuits


Only one other passenger around why on earth read a book with that scenery to enjoy? 20140804_154522.jpg
When you have the memory of the night? Enjoy these images as we sailed Glacier Bay in Aklaska





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Followed. Great pictures dude. Looks like a great experience, Alaska is on my list! What's your camera?
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Hi, most of the shots were taken with my phone, a samsung k series camera phone with a 10x zoom... my normal camera panasonic fz 72 developed a focussing fault

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