First Try on Dtube! Wrong Video and Can't Delete!

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Would you like to see how I messed up uploading my first Dtube video, got the wrong video on Dtube and then replaced it with the correct one, because this might be useful for you?

First Try on Dtube! Wrong Video and Can't Delete!

What a very frustrating experience this was to have the wrong video show up on Dtube and I still don't know how this happened. After researching "How to delete Dtube video" nothing was showing a solution, just the fact that videos you upload on Dtube can't be deleted and that's correct, but you can at least change the video and this is how I did it.

First Try on Dtube! Wrong Video and Can't Delete!

This is not the perfect solution, someone may have it, but at least I am content with just replacing the video that was not even mine.

This is how I did it.

After I realized I had the wrong video and seeing I could do nothing about it, I just changed the title on both Steemit and Dtube and commented in the description that I made a mistake and uploaded the wrong video.

I think that somehow the wrong video was in the cache of the browser when I did the upload, even if I was shown the correct video with the correct duration.

So, I just logged off and logged in again and re-uploaded my video with its thumbnail and the correct description.

This time it was successful and here is the video on Dtube:!/v/gmichelbkk/mgqafn4i

And on Steemit:

After it was successful I clicked the "Edit" button.

First Try on Dtube! Wrong Video and Can't Delete!

And then I went to the "Advanced" tab.

First Try on Dtube! Wrong Video and Can't Delete!

I just copied all that you see underlined in red: Source Video Hash, 240p Video Hash, 480p Video Hash, Snap Hash, Sprite Hash, Source Video Filesize and Video Duration.

Then, I went to the wrong video post and I clicked "Edit" the same. I pasted there all the values underlined in red I had copied from the correct post.

I clicked "Edit" which seemed to do nothing, but after refreshing, the wrong video was gone.

So what I have now is not a wrong video, but a duplicate and it is still better than as it was.

The thing is that I need to upload the correct video to get the Source Video Hash, 240p Video Hash, 480p Video Hash, Snap Hash, Sprite Hash, Source Video Filesize and Video Duration in order to do that.

Maybe someone has some other way to get all these without going through Dtube?

My last step will be to replace the Snap Hash by the thumbnail of this post, and then have this post in place, and change 3 of the tags, so it's an opportunity for everyone to learn from my mistake.

This is how you replace the thumbnail on Dtube.

Go to:

Upload your thumbnail.


It will give you a link like this:


The Snap Hash to use is the last part of the URL: QmS6nnnonfnZ59mdpU5n6f3iDD1xDAyxYBvZoiS9rnCUnj

That's it.

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I love your post, follow me @usama123


Thank you!

i face the same in dtube


Hopefully I found a solution explained in this post.

Wrong video!