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This is an interesting 9 minute video clip about Mexico City's history and infrastructure challenges.

It reminds me a lot of Lima (Peru) which is also a Megacity with similar water problems where water is delivered by truck to poorer neighborhoods. Considering the sinking soil that Mexico City is built on and that it's next to an active volcano doesn't make it look like a sustainable city at it's current and ever growing size.

At least unlike Venice (Italy) it's not slowly sinking into the ocean but slowly sinking nonetheless. The really fascinating part for me however is that this is not the only similarity with Venice. The original design of the city by the Aztecs with it's canals and floating islands looks amazing.

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I just spent a month in Mexico City and it is such an amazing place (food, people, nightlife, history etc.). The fact that such a large city is built on a lake in a valley is astonishing.

I agree that flooding was a problem. The roads routinely flooded (although remained navigable) almost every night because it was rainy season. I was fortunate enough to stay with a privileged family, so shortage of water is a new concept to me, although totally believable. The traffic and congestion in the city was crushing. I think it would be a more enjoyable and drier place if they had not constructed all the roads and parking lots.

Either way, I highly recommend exploring this city and its amazing culture.