Humble but good food choices on a world trip without money

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Those mirabelles from a big tree at the streets have been almost baked from the street and sun it tasted like marmalade :D
Often times, people see fallen fruit like nasty or dirty, but if the way they are falling on is generally clean.. we gust give a shit.. because really… keeping yourself completely away from germs and microbes is just the opposite of what is making you strong and healthy ;) Of course, we don´t eat stuff that smells like dog pee or whatever but we won´t make a drama out of the ground. If it looks good and smells good its probably fine ;)
To change our behaviour in so many ways and to feel like living directly from our surroundings instead of going to the market with your money and having everything available just like that made us feel humble and thankful and reconnected us with who we are.. it was a powerful time to break free and get to know ourselves and the world.
If you are new here, please read our article about „why we travelled without money“ in our Steem blog. Link:
The next part is coming soon… woop woop

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:) Yes, it was goooood