Hot Tea and a Couch

in travel •  3 months ago


Not too bad of a start to our traveling days!

We made it to my parents house, and I got to see my number one Lola fan! It's my mom. 😂

She hugged me and gave me kisses and then promptly asked if another part was coming anytime time soon.

Woman! My world is in an upheaval!

But I appreciate your loyalty.

So, today I started with a comfy couch and a cup of hot tea in an oversized mug! We will see where the day takes us!

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I agree our moms the best... till to date, I still say that my mommy’s cooking is the best in the world


Haha yes! Moms are the best!

You can rely on mum to always be thinking about you, hot tea and a couch is a great start to the day (maybe followed by a few coffees!)

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