I Was Too Busy Traveling The World To Heal My Foot

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Even though I broke my ankle in New Zealand last February, I've only recently chosen to actually address healing it. 

I had such a great opportunity to travel the world--I could fly anywhere for free--that I didn't want to let it go to waste on a little thing like a broken bone.

Despite ignoring my injury, I had an action-packed year:

After New Zealand, I stayed at home in Florida for about 3 months. Since my walking wasn't getting better, my parents insisted I see a doctor. I got 3 scans before discovering that I indeed had a broken ankle. The doctor said I could get surgery or leave it to heal over time. I am strongly against having surgery unless it's absolutely necessary, and I figured it would eventually heal, so I chose to continue climbing trees and traveling!

From Florida, I flew to Taiwan, connecting in Japan (my first time ever being in Asia, not counting the city in Turkey that's half in Europe and half in Asia). I was in Taiwan for a couple of weeks before I left to meet up with my brother in Japan, and eventually the rest of our family joined us in Japan and we all flew to Thailand together. 

My parents and sister left after a week in Thailand, leaving my brother and I solo again. We overstayed our visa in Thailand by 4 days because we got totally lost in time living in such a paradise climbing environment in front of the beach full of humongous coconut trees. This is the only video I got of me climbing one of the coconut trees there... though I was climbing about 1-3 of the giant coconut trees everyday, that was on top of doing rock climbing and climbing lots of other huge different species of trees, and walking as well as walking with coconuts, all with a broken ankle...

And this is the only picture as well as the first coconut tree I climbed in Thailand. It had been awhile since Florida!

I love playing and staying active as much as possible as long as I have energy! So even though it may be frowned upon or considered abnormal to be moving in ways that feel good, I love to do it anyways! In some airports the police feel the need to stop me for that though... Rrrr

We rushed to leave to anywhere and spontaneously picked Malaysia!

We didn't like Kuala Lumpur and that ultra restricted big city environment, so we flew over to the other island of Borneo.

After a month, we had to say bye to our Malaysian family who drastically enhanced our surreal experience all over there, and continue on with our epic adventure.

From Malaysia, we flew to Cambodia! 

We were kind of rushed in Cambodia because my birthday was coming up. We returned to Japan for a couple of days to enjoy our last bowls of top quality Japanese ramen! 

Our plan was to visit our family in California, however, that ended up not working out, so we changed our course to visit our family at the @gardenofeden instead. My brother and I have known about @quinneaker's ecovillage from volunteering here! We ended up celebrating my birthday at the @gardenofeden instead of with my parents, but we left back to Florida a few days later to catch my dad's birthday and celebrate together!

Once I got back to Florida, I was expected to be healing my foot, getting a job, and/or going to school, but I just kept climbing trees every day thinking my injury would heal itself if I just kept ignoring it and living normally while just trying to make it hurt as little as possible... eventually the soreness caught up to me, not allowing me to keep up with what I actually want to be doing and what extreme potential I could be capable of without this current physical limitation...

But now after 7 countries and a year of pain, I'm finally ready to heal. I'm tired of being crippled! I returned to the @gardenofeden for their holistic healing services.

So far I'm already loving the healing process @gardenofeden--even though this is the longest I've ever fasted from climbing trees!

And Thanks to the editing Goddess @saramiller for upgrading my posts and helping me heal!


Fantastic to see a little of your life adventure here on Steemit. I feel as if you have a great future both here and in the physical world!

Funny how the people behind you in the airport don't even notice your enjoyment, glued to their phones. I also get trouble in airports coz I don't wear shoes.

Every day I spin my fire staff and it's hard to imagine a life in which I couldn't do this. So, I totally sympathise.

Here's to your recovery my friend and no doubt you will enjoy climbing those trees even more after some time off :)

Have followed you to keep track of your adventure...

& re-steemed you too :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and we appreciate the thoughts and steem!

It's true! I don't make as many videos as I wish I had, but the moment is more valuable, so I always play whenever I am capable and unrestricted! The worst for me at an airport though was when I got handcuffed and put in a police truck/car cell for a couple hours at an airport because I climbed a tree..

That's a cool passion, it's hard to replace that kind of sensation! I usually only spin tree branches hehe, I can't wait to be back in the trees! Thank you for the healing blessings!

What an amazing adventure you have had.
Hope the broken ankle was not all you took away from NZ.

Wow! What an adventure! What a story!

You have traveled the world, I wonder what was the most important thing you learned.

Thank you @timbo!
The learning never really ends, and the amount we've continuously been learning is already such a multi-faceted answer! A very general and favorite one would be to never stop evolving!

No problem, and decent answer. Seems that is what most people say about traveling around. The learning never stops, although, there are important lessons to be learned. Everything, everyone, can teach you something.

Precisely! I've learned so many important things that it makes it hard to pick just one that I could say is the MOST important.. Though as I continue participating in Steemit I look forward to eventually sharing all of our experiences and stories!

As I look forward to reading them!
Thank you my friend,

Excellent photos, and what an adventure! I especially love the airport yoga :D

Hahaha I'm sure you would also be down for airport yoga! :D
Thank you! We have soooooooo many pictures, videos, and stories to choose from it was tough feeling the right ones! It brought back so many memories of our adventures though, it's always nice reliving those beautiful experiences, and it makes me want to share so many more stories!

I do love airport yoga! Traveling is great fun.
I'm looking forward to the great unfolding of your countless adventures; you have stories to last a lifetime!

So glad you've made the choice to give yourself health again.

I love the airport video--I find it hilarious that no one is paying any attention to you whatsoever, except the kids in the background.

Thanks for sharing your healing journey. Glad the animals are in on it!

Interesting story with a good picture.

Thank you, I hope I can keep your interest!

What a trip mate!
Reading this a week after I supposedly have sprained my ankle, wondering if mine is broke :D

Indeed, everything just keeps getting better!
And how badly does it hurt?? I hope it's not broken, that could suck! 😅 hehe