Here we go and good memory post to remember and share...

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My steemit friends enjoy my travel and memory and this post...My vacation


This is where I would go to clear my mind and get some fresh air...


My mother my angel, glad that she is still healthy and strong with all of us kids....


We are always negating dark shadows, in contrast to that this is shortest distance I have ever came to rainbow ...embracing light.


Blue is for pure and strength..and good new friendships I hope


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I really like this idea and concept

Thank you @dobartim for helping new steemit members like me and all my friends worldwide.
You are great man. Thank you a million.

My mentor Mr. @dobartim

I know we all like vacation and travels and this is my privilege shared
It is good to move on and start new page in life once in a while :)


Amazing and authentic
Very elegant work i wish to be like that

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...My new page is to join great group of the most creative people on Steemit. This way I think this group can create more positive ideas for every Steemit member. More info is listed at link below:

I really like this idea and concept

Thank you @dobartim for helping new steemit members like me and all my friends worldwide.
You are great man. Thank you a million.

You are doing a wonderful job.


Lovely picture you have got there @flysky, when i remember all that my mother has done for me, i am just grateful she is my mother.

Mothers are the best.

These pictures are really beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

me too

My God! It's more then amazing! you really have to do this for a living :0
I can't wait what you gonna post next! :)

thank you

keep looking for new one

I can’t wait too! I can see that you have an eye for Beauty! Even though you don’t claim to be Pro Photographer, I can see the work! Post more! And thank you for sharing, and most of all the good intention to help others! I’ll support you and @dobartim! People with good cause goes together, and people who doesn’t have good intention goes another way! That’s what real world is! We have ‘Black & White’! And people will see the Clarity!

Yeah, No.

The world isn't just "Black & White". There is almost everything in Grey.
Also, it is very hard to really define and determine "a good cause".
For some people "a good cause" means to make a lot of money, for others it means to make people happy, or just to "express themselves".

I beg to differ, that you can not sort every human being into either "totally evil and malicious" or "totally good and pure" - because that is what "Black & White" entails.
Or else, people are both at the same time and nobody will have "a good cause" because all causes are equally just or "good" and judging them would be illogical.

If it’s grey, it’s percentage of black!


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what a day it is

so sorry im a beginner
edited XD

Mothers are precious blessing of God. May our parents they always be happy and keep shadow on us.

yes i am willing to give a part of my small fortune just to see the smile of my late mother and just to be touched by her....i MISS Her very much

Very nice

@introvert-dime where do you come up with this?
Can you make me a poem please? I would like to send it to my mom

we can always try

Omg, this place looks so good. It reminds me of that time when i went to a hill station and when we were coming back it felt so good and there was calm that i can't express it.
I am sure you had great time.

yes it is

reminds me of my Beach forest farm which provided us a refuge after our city stinks for months after Super Typhon Yolanda devastated it.....

Pictures simply refreshes the memories of the past that cant be changed

they reminds us of how happy we are during those moments

That is exactelly how I feel here

Family is a value for everyone.

This is a great post, thank you

thank you

what do you like he most about it

I like your work

Disagreement on rewards
Are you sure that few photos and few lines of text are worth 600$?

this is my memory that I share with my friends

As a pro photographer, I'm going to disagree with this statement to the fullest.

I thought i only smell bigots in my site, i could’nt believe these bigots travels from one site to another just to give derogatory remarks! They’re funny, but it’s good we have clowns in steemit to color our sites!

So you profess you’re a pro! Let people judge your retouched photos!

everyone has right for an opinion
we don't like negative language
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what you write on your post and your work is your own choice

When a few blurry cell phone photos earns nearly $600 when a photo like THIS earns $6, this guy right here stands up and LOUDLY calls bullshit. This post does not deserve the payout it's getting.

I am student age
This language is not for kids and steemit

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Hey @winstonwolfe I struggle with the same deal here. I post origional content, photos that have actually got something going for them and it's all origional. I see these whales go out and smash the profits for posts that don't even make sense. Blurry pics, half assed pics and really shitty stories behind them, if at all. Some of the big payouts are not even original content. It frustrates me a lot. I'm not sure where Im going wrong. I have 78 followers and can't even buy a like for my work! Anyways if its any consolation to you I think your pic above is worth 100 x more than this rubbish article

Language is not nice for steemit

language is not acceptable
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It’s worth a thousand words and it’s priceless! Thanks for the post! It refreshes me just looking at the well photographed materials!

The scenery is beautiful! Awesome shoot!

Do you do photography

We support all steemit community

Yes, I believe you! Thanks for the support! Don’t mind these ‘whackers’, who take advantage of steemian posts to make money! Look, in it’s negative comment they make, they vote themselves to make money from your post! But let them, they need it badly thats why they hop from one site to another! That’s how the make a living! Thank you, and wish you all success as well! That’s how they make good bucks! Very tricky whackers!

Great to see this incentive taking place! Also I could not hold myself when seeing the great blue flowers. They are just amazing!! Here is my edit, see it as a congratulations 'gift'.

very nice
are you designer or artist
nice reply

You are welcome! I am a photographer :)


The rainbow is a symbol of God's covenant and blue represents the law of God as the ten commandments were written on sapphire.

that is nice

Wow! Your good! That’s true it’s God’s covenant after the deluvium! Thanks for the reminder!

Not trying to start trouble, but the covenant was put in place long before the flood and will continue forever. A rainbow reminds us of that covenant, and also God's post-diluvian promise. The rainbow that encircles the throne in Revelation certainly applies to the everlasting covenant between man and God which was revisited in one of Abraham's encounters with Yahweh.

it's so beutiful place, if i could set hear

Are u in california

no actually I'm from bangladesh

So this is what a $550 post looks like? I'm sorry, but no.
I disagree with the rewards for this post, so I'm issuing a flag.

all of us has right for an opinion

Your vote is not important, and view as well! Your just a photographer and a bigot! Other people is worthy of praise. Don’t ask steemians to praise you, it seems like you are putting people down to put yourself up, that’s shameful! Go back to your sites and prove yourselves how great you are! You will not accomplish nothing with that bigotry of yours!

It's such a nice that you have a beautiful journey. The new page should be more adventurous and meaningful!

that rainbow though. its been a while since I saw a rainbow in real life. lol. good luck in your new page in life sir.

it is my rainbow and I am sharing it with steemit
thank you

Love the photography & story. Thx for sharing! I'll be following!

OMG, such a serene place. Great pictures indeed. I am sure you had a great time :)

Thank you

@flysky Seeing these pictures triggered a thought in my mind I was avoiding for a while now. I have now decided to reward myself a trip of my homeland, Pakistan. It is beautiful and full of diversity. People are amazing and simply restore one's faith in humanity. The cultures are rich, humor is beyond measure and beauty.. Well beauty is an understatement. I wish after I graduate I have enough resources to see every possible inch of my beautiful Pakistan with my eyes. Thankyou for the share, Lovely pictures. All those who are reading-if you ever wish to set on an adventure in life... Add Pakistan-the realm of beauty-to your lists!

we always avoid memories
but once in a while we need this to keep us going forward
thank you for stopping by at my post

nice moment ...
btw what type camera do u use ????

Canon eos

i see ,
btw thanks ... you're a good man :)

I would love to spend time there (image 1)

Excellent photography......////.............//////

Thank you

Amazing and authentic
Very elegant work.

thank you

are u artist

Welcome bro

No same thing same thing

Wow such a amaze travel you've got. Where is that place? Because i never seen before. Is that orchid flower? Beautiful colour, because I love blue too. Good for all your day 🙂

all and above

Very nice and beautiful picture. Originality!! Regards.

thank you

I am happy to share

Very nice and beautiful picture. Originality!! Regards.

Thank you

love the first picture...looks Scandinavian!

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Nice post in creativity
Did gave u vote nice post, in future send me note via chat.
Nice post in creativity


what do you like the most

fantastic! Happy to share a nice trip with us.

always happy to share positive posts

It must be hot there! but it must be exciting to visit these places so unique where sometimes, people do not usually think to go. keep on filling our minds with knowledge through a photo!

Yeah. Memories are important to flash back on. Keep it up. Nice piece.

fundamental for present and future

Thank you

You are welcome

It is very strange post. Quality of the photos are very awful. Sorry I can not lie))

Everybody can show their work . Use your blogg to express your work too
It is learning for all of us

Mezoantropooh! Why do you vote for yourself??? Maybe you need glasses! You’re eyes are already blurry, amigo!

That’s nice you cannot lie???? And you just did!

So nice, love the blue vibes!

blue is always at the top

God luck..I want to follow you @flysky

that is a good idea.

very interesting and helpful

I think motivated.


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beautyl picture, i hope one day be like your taste.
hopefully be like your creation.
keep spirit and smile...
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Be my pleasure.
Let's glorify with us right...

Beautiful photography.....thanks for sharing with us

OMG sir,your power 59🙊
im small user😰i know you are good.your post also good

Mesmering Gaze.....

Thank you

Amazing and excellent


how is monaco

Great post!! its a beautiful view!


Very good

Thank you @dobartim for helping new steemit members like me and all my friends worldwide.
You are great man. Thank you a million.

thank you

Hi @flysky, I am a relative newbie to Steemit, but already I use a lot of the tools that you have created and I find them extremely useful. Firstly I just want to say thank you to your commitment to such a great and revolutionary platform. I am fairly technical and work in the ICT space, but as a new user of the platform, getting your head around all the 'steem tools' available is a very steep learning curve and as you say they all offer value, but they can definitely do with some refinement and focus which will help the less technical users as they continue to come onto the platform.

Check other post ob my blogg
You are informative and good knowledge

Is good to ease off, when you can no longer think straight or focus on what to do, that location 👆 there is wonderful.

brake is good

Great pictures.

Thank you

very good posting

very attractive and informative. Thanks for sharing man

thank you

Bonitas Imagenes.. Bien por tu mentor..

we all learn from each other
thank you

Amazing post man...God bless your mom and you....Exelent work....keep it up...

Thank you

Indeed, mothers are precious gift, without them, non of us will exist. Thanks God for also giving a virtuous, wonderful and caring mum. I also love your shots, they are really cool

thank you

I love your photos. It's very fresh especially your mother.

Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures.

I would like to book the second chair there, it may clear my mind and clear it for a month in the futur too, awsome work


I agree

Thankyou sir for giving something helpfull to newbies like me. Mother's love is peace all prayers are for her. I'd love to join this group. cheers!

thank you

nice place and i wanna go there .

awesome,awesome shooting.great and amazing photos.this place is looking so great.i,m also voted and supported are a hard carry on for this platform.

Thank you
you work nice on steemit too

A nice place to go to clear your mind. We all need such a place to think an re-think things in our life. :-) The nature is the perfect place to do that and to clean the mind.

amazing place and i can see from the scene photographed, that place must be amazing to be entertained, you have to keep thankful because your mother still healthy and she still beside you, because mother is angel in world for us. @flysky

Thank you
mother are essential